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The reviews are coming in…

People have been playing Counter Attack and feeding back their reviews of the game to me. So, what’s the verdict? Here’s how one father and son combination experienced the game: Young Logan picked the game up quickly and managed to keep his dad (Stuart) pegged back for good spells of the game! Eventually Stuart broke […]

Unveiling a new video!

With some help from a few friends, my new video masterpiece has finally been published! This video is a little longer than all of my others, coming in just under three minutes. I wanted to make something a little more in-depth than those that have come before it simply because there is a lot to […]

Striving for pass-marks

Prototype feedback has revealed the need to introduce a new attribute to the current range of player abilities: passing. Passing is obviously a key skill in football, so why was it missing until now? Well, early tests of the game revealed that misplaced passes were simply frustrating – possession changed hands too freely, which led […]

Counter Attack is now on Facebook

In preparation for a Kickstarter launch at some point this year, I opened a Facebook account for Counter Attack. The page will feature any new videos I produce, photos of the prototype in development, and will act as a home for conversations with interested players. If Facebook is your thing, please visit and like the […]

What’s in the kit bag

Right, a big decision has been made in the Counter Attack world: the wee wooden counters have had their day. They will be replaced by cards that can be printed to look like team strips! These natty little numbers will be held in plastic stands, so they will stand tall and proud on the Counter […]

Time for some Design

As the game edges closer to being manufactured, I’ve been working on the artwork of various elements, including the all-important box. After all, we all totally judge a book by its cover. The game needs to stand out from others on the shelves and be instantly recognisable for what it is. So how close have […]

A standup idea?

As I move into the final stages of producing the look of the game, one opportunity recently presented itself: should I design the players as standup cards or as typical game counters? I was lucky enough to get Dead of Winter from Santa this year, a game that features stand-up player cards. That’s what really […]

2018: year zero

Will 2019 be the year of Counter Attack? Here’s hoping so! 2018 was Counter Attack’s year of birth. After the development of the original idea, the design of the game components, and many play testing moments, I’m optimistic that 2019 will see the game launch. Truth be told, the original idea for the game is […]

Developing the rule book

I’ve dedicated a lot of time today to developing the rule book for Counter Attack.¬†There is probably better fun to be had on a Sunday… Nevertheless, I have achieved what I set out to do, and now the game has a fully illustrated rule book that is ready to send to the printers! At 16 […]

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