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The reviews are coming in…

People have been playing Counter Attack and feeding back their reviews of the game to me. So, what’s the verdict?

Here’s how one father and son combination experienced the game:

Young Logan picked the game up quickly and managed to keep his dad (Stuart) pegged back for good spells of the game! Eventually Stuart broke through and nabbed an equaliser – probably a deserved goal to be fair. While the game can certainly be enjoyed by kids the age of Logan (8), some of the more strategic elements of game are probably better utilised by adults.

On another occasion, here’s how Adam described the game on our Facebook page:

Think you are good at fantasy football but your dreams are broken in one gameweek by a red card, missed penalty or a season ending ACL to your top scorer?

Counter Attack allows you to rely on your own wit and skill. But still breaks your dreams on the roll of a dice when your superstar winger falls over his feet (accompanied by cries of woe) when you roll a 1 which allows your opponent (best mate usually) to take advantage and run the ball up the field scuppering your well laid plan!

As you can tell I really enjoyed playing this game. Applying my mind and tactics on a dining/pub table against my mates is addictive. You play to learn. You play to win. But more importantly you play for the bragging rights!

Next time I play I have my eye on Ruiz who destroyed my defence but I must still hail Rusu! #Rusu9

This is a well thought out and truly enjoyable game which mixes knowledge and skill with that classic board game trait, the roll of a dice. Looking forward to more Counter Attack in my life!

…And finally, here’s what Matthew and Lewis made of it all:

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