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Striving for pass-marks

Prototype feedback has revealed the need to introduce a new attribute to the current range of player abilities: passing. Passing is obviously a key skill in football, so why was it missing until now?

Well, early tests of the game revealed that misplaced passes were simply frustrating – possession changed hands too freely, which led to managers attempting to dribble the ball in every scenario. As a result, 100% passing accuracy was introduced (although defenders can still make interceptions).

But then a new situation arose – the rise of the long ball. It was too easy to slip into 1980s long ball tactics – knock the ball up to a Mark Hateley or Jan Koller type, then flick it on for a speedy sidekick. Realistic up to a point, but too simplistic a representation of how football actually gets played at a professional level when this becomes the primary strategy. So in comes the passing attribute, which gets applied to high passes only. Like with most moves in Counter Attack, the ability is combined with a dice roll to determine the success of the manoeuvre. So, high balls are still possible and still fruitful, just not all of the time.

Here’s how the player cards may end up looking as a result of this change. What do you make of them?


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