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What’s in the kit bag

Right, a big decision has been made in the Counter Attack world: the wee wooden counters have had their day. They will be replaced by cards that can be printed to look like team strips! These natty little numbers will be held in plastic stands, so they will stand tall and proud on the Counter Attack surface.

strips in 3d

I’ve had a bit of fun playing around with potential kits, as you can see above! Pretty much any kit can be replicated and recognised, which I think adds to the authenticity of the game experience. Check out these fellas from the top leagues in Scotland (can you name all the teams?):

The best teams in Scotland?

I don’t yet know what I’ll settle on for the final version of the game, but the potential is there to make replicas of, well, any kit…

English PL teamsIt's the Euro giants

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