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While nothing beats the experience of playing across the kitchen table against a mate, it is possible to play Counter Attack online. Check out our two-step guide to getting online and finding opponents!

Play Counter Attack online

Step One: playing online

You can play Counter Attack online through the board game simulator, Tabletopia. It’s free to play but you will need an opponent and an understanding of the rules.

Tabletopia does a good job of capturing the feel of the board game, allowing you to pick up and move pieces, roll dice, deal cards and more!

Snapshot of Discord server

Step Two: find opponents

Join the Counter Attack Discord community to find online opponents for casual matches, or to join one of the many league and cup tournaments. With over 300 registered players (as of August 2021) in multiple time zones, there are plenty of potential opponents waiting for you!

Discord features voice and video chat so you can chat to your opponent while you play.

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