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Time for some Design

As the game edges closer to being manufactured, I’ve been working on the artwork of various elements, including the all-important box. After all, we all totally judge a book by its cover. The game needs to stand out from others on the shelves and be instantly recognisable for what it is. So how close have I come to achieving that?

I’ve been testing out four designs this weekend:

The one with the rays is maybe a little crazy. No-one likes it.

I’ve also been working on a new player card design. Here’s the new idea (with the green border) alongside the original design:

I like the splash of colour but I don’t want too much. After all, it’s important that [human] players can quickly read the info on these cards in the midst of a game. The cards are smaller than the average playing card, coming in at 44 x 67 mm, so there isn’t much room for fancypants artwork.

What are your thoughts on these designs? Wide of the mark or on target? Let me know in the comments, or tweet me at @ctrattackgame.

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