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Coming soon: The Rules of Play in Dutch.


Amendments to the rule book

Sometimes the incoming pace of great ideas is faster than printing deadlines, so some ideas didn’t quite make the rule book! The amendments listed in this section will be added to the rule book on the next print run. We find the game works even better with these in place.

Successful tackles
Following a successful tackle, the player who takes the ball can move into one of the hexes surrounding the opponent. This mirrors what happens after an unsuccessful tackle. The rule book says the players simply swap positions (if desired). We find the amendment gives a better advantage to the player who has made the tackle.

Corner kicks
Before taking a corner kick, the attacking manager picks up and moves 3 players to anywhere on the pitch. The defending manager then does the same. The managers repeat this process until 6 moves have been made (the same player can move more than once). The rule book says the attacking manager moves all 6, then the defending manager moves 6. We find this amendment is more realistic and it removes the possibility of the attacking manager blocking off the opponent.

Free kicks
When a free kick has been awarded, follow this positioning pattern: defending team moves any players within 2 hexes of the ball out of this zone to a position 3 hexes away. Defending team then picks up and places 3 players. Attacker picks up and places 3 players. The managers repeat this process until 6 moves have been made (the same player can move more than once). By having the defender move first, this offers an advantage to the attacking team who are now less likely to be caught offside in these situations.

Moving the goalkeeper
Whenever the ball moves into the box – whether through a dribble, a high pass, standard pass or shot – the goalkeeper always gets a free move of 1 hex. This helps you get your goalkeeper into position for a potential save attempt.

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