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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pass during a Movement Phase? No. You cannot pass until the entire Movement Phase comes to an end. However, you can shoot during a Movement Phase if you have the ball in the box. Do I have to pass the ball to my player’s feet? No. You can pass the ball into space. Resume play with a Movement Phase. Attacking team moves first. If there is a loose ball and I start a Movement Phase, can one of my players collect the ball and keep moving with it? Yes. Your player can move according to their pace attribute. If your player’s pace is 5 and you move 2 hexes to collect the ball, you can then move the final 3 hexes with the ball (if you want to). Can I move my goalkeeper in a Movement Phase? Yes. Your keeper has a pace attribute as well. Use it wisely – perhaps you want to play as a sweeper keeper. But, whatever you do, don’t forget that your keeper can only dive 3 hexes parallel to the goal line. You don’t want to get caught out! Is the maximum dice penalty -1 when you shoot? No. -3 is possible! Dice penalties accumulate: you get -1 for a snapshot, -1 for shooting from outside the area and -1 for shooting from the awkward angle spots. When an opponent tries to run past me with the ball, can I make a tackle in the normal way? No, but you can take the ball from your opponent. If the opponent runs into your Zone of Influence, roll the dice. If you roll a 6, you win the ball. If you roll a 1, you commit a foul. Any other number rolled means you play on. What happens after a successful or unsuccessful tackle? If you are the attacking team and a defender tries and fails to win a tackle, your attacker can skip around that defender to any hex surrounding the defender. This can be a very handy way to advance forward with the ball. The same happens if the defender wins the tackle: the defender takes the ball and then gets to skip around the [former] attacker to any surrounding hex. Is there offside in Counter Attack? Yes. If a player is in an offside position and the ball is passed either (a) to that player’s feet or (b) into an area near where that player has influence (i.e. they are in the way of opponents or they move towards the pass), then the player is called offside. Resume play with a free kick to the opposition team.