The greatness of this game really needs to be experienced to be believed. Colin has done an incredible job, and manages to get the excitement in the game the minute the board is on the table, as soon as those cards are being drafted your mind is going, then its what formation, shortly followed by masterminding your attack, preventing a goal, protecting a lead, going direct and taking your chance as time ticks down. Every box i wanted this game to tick it succeeds with a degree of ease.


Football That Glitters Isn’t Gold

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The possibilities are endless and Counter Attack as a system is flexible and hackable enough that you can turn this game into whatever version of a football game you want, safe in the knowledge that the basics and the essentials of gameplay are well covered.

This is a game that is easy to learn but hard to master. The level of tactical depth is really impressive. Colin, the creator, has somehow managed to translate almost every aspect of football into dice rolls, hexes and player attributes! Games are injected with real drama and nothing beats a successful dice roll resulting in a goal-saving tackle or the ball nestling in the back of your opponents net!

Counter Attack is hex-based and strategic, but it’s also incredibly fluid like real football. It challenges you to think both short- and longterm as you try to get individual players – with their own strengths and weaknesses – to effectively play in your tactical framework against an opponent simultaneously executing their own strategies.

In this podcast, Jon MacKenzie reviews a prototype of Counter Attack and interviews Colin, the designer of the game.

A hugely enjoyable game of football


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Counter Attack has an average user review score of 8.8 on Board Game Geek!

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The Classic Set contains everything you need to play Counter Attack