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This is a game that is easy to learn but hard to master. The level of tactical depth is really impressive. Colin, the creator, has somehow managed to translate almost every aspect of football into dice rolls, hexes and player attributes! Games are injected with real drama and nothing beats a successful dice roll resulting in a goal-saving tackle or the ball nestling in the back of your opponents net!

Counter Attack, on the surface, is “Football” the board game, but there is also a very strategic sub-game going on and you will be using your grey matter for the whole match.

tomlemmens, BoardGameGeek review

Terrific football strategy game! As a ‘manager’, you decide every action that happens on the pitch. From running, tackling, passing, heading to scoring goals. It all depends on your strategy and tactics, based on the skills of the players you draft at the beginning of the game. The more matches you play, the better it gets.

NicoM1987, BoardGameGeek review

This game is addictive and brilliant. A mixture of Football Manager, Subbuteo, Risk, Top Trumps. Playing out a simulated match and having different players and attributes means every game is different and you plan accordingly depending on which players you have. So many possibilities for tournaments/leagues etc as well.

If you love board games and football, and especially if you are somewhat averse to video games. This is the game for you.

I am constantly looking to play and have never got bored.

Il gioco da calcio è amato da molte persone in Italia, soprattutto quando non c’è da sudare. Intendiamo dire che, come già detto per l’atto titoli con lo stesso tema, ogni tifoso è anche un po’ allenatore.

Counter Attack vi darà la possibilità di mettere alla prova le vostre abilità.

The possibilities are endless and Counter Attack as a system is flexible and hackable enough that you can turn this game into whatever version of a football game you want, safe in the knowledge that the basics and the essentials of gameplay are well covered.

honkenado, BoardGameGeek review

An absolute must have for a game if you enjoy the beautiful game of football

Counter Attack is hex-based and strategic, but it’s also incredibly fluid like real football. It challenges you to think both short- and longterm as you try to get individual players – with their own strengths and weaknesses – to effectively play in your tactical framework against an opponent simultaneously executing their own strategies.

A hugely enjoyable game of football


We’re Not Wizards board game site

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Eightball899, BoardGameGeek review

A must have for all football fans!

Fantastic and thrilling game, it really delves into the intricacies of football and immerses you fully in the game. The details that the designers have gone in to is outstanding and the game flows incredibly well due to this. Having played 6 games already, no two games are the same.

The rules are split into basic and advanced and take roughly 30-60 minutes to get the hang of and I’d say at least 2-3 games to really master. Once you’re there you can really start to get competitive and the tension adds to the experience.

Counter Attack has an average user review score of 8.8 on Board Game Geek!

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