How to play the game

[1] Lay out the pitch

[2] Pick your kit. There are 116 to choose from in the shop.

[3] Pick your referee from the 4 options. The referee's Leniency will determine whether or not you get booked or sent off.

[4] Pick your squad. Every player has up to 7 attributes. 46 players come with the game. You can purchase up to 196, and even make your own.

[5] Select a first XI and allocate squad numbers to your players.

[6] Line up your team. It's best to select a formation that suits the players in your squad. Keep an eye on your opponent's line-up as well...

[7] Kick off! Use the clear distance stick to measure allowable passes

[8] Both teams move players. The attacking team should try to make spaces and stretch the defence. The defensive team are looking to close down space and win the ball.

[9] Use the sand timers to keep up the pace of the game

[10] If a defender gets within 1 hex of the ball, a tackle can be attempted.

[11] Take the attacker's dribbling attribute and add it to a dice roll. Measure that against the defender's tackling + dice roll. Highest score wins the duel. If it's a draw, re-roll.

[12] Remember that referee? If you roll a 1 in a tackle you could get a yellow or red card!

[13] Your players can get injured too! Check their resilience attribute when a foul is made. An injured player loses 2 pace for the remainder of the game.

[14] Ajax are in a dangerous position. A cross into the box is incoming...

[15] The attacker and defender duel for the ball. Measure heading + dice roll. Highest score wins the duel...and the attacker has won this one!

[16] The keeper couldn't save it, so it's a goooooaaaalllll!!!!

[17] Don't forget to celebrate!

[18] A game of Counter Attack runs for 90-minutes, so there is plenty of time for more drama!

[19] If you like what you see, get your copy of the game from the shop!

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