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A standup idea?

As I move into the final stages of producing the look of the game, one opportunity recently presented itself: should I design the players as standup cards or as typical game counters?

Dead of Winter characters (image sourced from here)

I was lucky enough to get Dead of Winter from Santa this year, a game that features stand-up player cards. That’s what really got me thinking about the potential of using such cards in Counter Attack. On the one hand, they would give so much life to game – the players would have a character that simply isn’t possible with the counter approach.

It's Dortmund away (c.1989)
My beautiful counters!

But…the game is called ‘Counter Attack’, so surely counters must play a part!? What’s more, the typical stand base is slightly larger than the hexagons I use in the current board design, and redesigning that beast is no straightforward job! Perhaps most importantly, what the counters have over the cards more than anything is else is the superior visibility of the player number – knowing who’s who at a glance is vital in this game.

I haven’t yet made a final decision, but I suspect I’ll experiment with the stand-up player cards at the very least. Watch this space to see what happens next!

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