Custom Player Cards

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Make your own Counter Attack player cards using our free Custom Player Cards file. Download yours here.


Have you made player cards you’d like to share with the Counter Attack community? If you provide a link using the comments box below, everyone can access your work!

Finally, let us know what you think of the design of the custom player card sheets. How could it be improved?

Player card generator

Counter Attack player Konrad has created a customer player card generator! Download it from this link and start making your player cards quickly and easily today! (NOTE: the generator is Windows-only and is a work-in-progress. Please direct questions about it to the forum)

Please note: Counter Attack and Webstar Games Ltd is not responsible for any copyright infringement.

7 thoughts on “Custom Player Cards

  1. I had some spare time during quarantine, so I took some 2019 stats and converted them to player card stats. This way, folks can play teams, countries, etc. I thought this might be fun to crowdsource to keep everything up to date and accurate. I guess we’ll need to reduce everyone’s pace by 2 or so to account for the lack of fitness happening during COVID-19.

    Anyways, here’s a link to a google sheet with all the scores:

    Feel free to modify scores as you think appropriate, but don’t be a jerk and mess it up on purpose. I’m still pretty unhappy with the Keeper scores, so any help there would be of help! I thought about trying to incorporate their height into the calculation somehow, but ran out of steam. Also, try to identify your team/country/player biases before making major modifications 😉


    1. Brilliant work, thank you 🙂

    2. Wow Kevin this is awesome!

  2. Great work Kevin! What Order are the attributes in? There doesn’t seem to be any column headers.

    1. Nice catch Eck. I think the headers got sorted down the sheet. I think I ‘protected’ the header row so hopefully that will solve the problem. If it’s gone again, though, you can always search the sheet for any of the header names (“PACE”, “HEADER” etc) to find where the header row is hiding!

  3. My Son and I have created all the remaining Champions League teams and are playing through to work out ‘who would have really won’

    With Ronaldo 7 for shooting and Messing 7 for dribbling!

  4. Amazing. Which stats did you use to come up with these ratings?

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