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Counter Attack

The football board game you’ve been waiting for

Counter Attack pitch from above

Line up your team

In this football board game, it’s 11 vs 11; line them up however you prefer!

Play every move

Counter Attack allows you to play football any way you like it!

Roll the dice...and score?

Resolve key moments

You do this using a combination of player attributes + the dice roll

Always celebrate the win!

Celebrate the win!

Punch your fist in the air, or run around your living room screaming. It’s your choice!

What people are saying

“The gameplay mechanics are remarkably simple, leaving managers to focus on their tactics which is where the game really shines.”


“This is a truly amazing game. With a little imagination you can picture your players doing pretty much anything that happens, or has ever happened in a game of football.”


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Counter Attack is the football strategy board game made for serious football fans. You’ll control every action on the pitch – passes, dribbles, tackles, shots, set pieces, and more. Because every player has a unique set of skills, you’ll need to position them carefully as you build your attacks and mount your defence. Will you look to play long balls behind the opposition? Build up through the midfield? Play a high defensive line and press the play? You can do all this and more in Counter Attack! Get your copy right here.

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