Calling all football managers!

Take on your friends at the kitchen table in Counter Attack: the 90-minute game of football tactics and strategy

Pick your players…

Every player in Counter Attack is unique. How you use them in the game is up to you!

Play every move…

Everything you can do in football you can do in Counter Attack: pass, tackle, dribble, shoot, save and more!

Win the game!

Will you outwit your friends over 90 minutes? Of course you will!

Swipe through the guide below to learn how to play Counter Attack

[1] Lay out the pitch

[2] Pick your kit. There are 116 to choose from in the shop.

[3] Pick your referee from the 4 options. The referee's Leniency will determine whether or not you get booked or sent off.

[4] Pick your squad. Every player has up to 7 attributes. 46 players come with the game. You can purchase up to 196, and even make your own.

[5] Select a first XI and allocate squad numbers to your players.

[6] Line up your team. It's best to select a formation that suits the players in your squad. Keep an eye on your opponent's line-up as well...

[7] Kick off! Use the clear distance stick to measure allowable passes

[8] Both teams move players. The attacking team should try to make spaces and stretch the defence. The defensive team are looking to close down space and win the ball.

[9] Use the sand timers to keep up the pace of the game

[10] If a defender gets within 1 hex of the ball, a tackle can be attempted.

[11] Take the attacker's dribbling attribute and add it to a dice roll. Measure that against the defender's tackling + dice roll. Highest score wins the duel. If it's a draw, re-roll.

[12] Remember that referee? If you roll a 1 in a tackle you could get a yellow or red card!

[13] Your players can get injured too! Check their resilience attribute when a foul is made. An injured player loses 2 pace for the remainder of the game.

[14] Ajax are in a dangerous position. A cross into the box is incoming...

[15] The attacker and defender duel for the ball. Measure heading + dice roll. Highest score wins the duel...and the attacker has won this one!

[16] The keeper couldn't save it, so it's a goooooaaaalllll!!!!

[17] Don't forget to celebrate!

[18] A game of Counter Attack runs for 90-minutes, so there is plenty of time for more drama!

[19] If you like what you see, get your copy of the game from the shop!

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This is a game that is easy to learn but hard to master. The level of tactical depth is really impressive. Games are injected with real drama and nothing beats a successful dice roll resulting in a goal-saving tackle or the ball nestling in the back of your opponents net!

The Tartan Scarf

Counter Attack is hex-based and strategic, but it’s also incredibly fluid like real football. It challenges you to think both short- and longterm as you try to get individual players – with their own strengths and weaknesses – to effectively play in your tactical framework against an opponent simultaneously executing their own strategies.


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