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Race for the Title

Coming soon from the makers of Counter Attack is the football card game, Race For The Title!

Race For The Title is easy to pick up and play, but fiendishly difficult to win.

  • For 1-4 players
  • Play as one of four clubs
  • Start with a weak squad
  • Choose which opponent to play on your turn
  • Spend income on better facilities and better players
  • Use red and yellow cards to stop your opponents
  • First team to reach 70 points wins the league!

Race For The Title missed it’s Kickstarter goal by only £500 in 2022. Help bring the game to life in 2023 by following the new page on Kickstarter

How to get a copy of Race For The Title

Simply follow the link below and click on ‘Notify me on launch’. You’ll get an email from Kickstarter when Race For The Title goes live!

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