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Counter Attack was designed by me, Colin Webster. I’m based in Edinburgh, Scotland. My favourite football team is Inverness Caledonian Thistle (the Barcelona of the north).

I’ve enjoyed more than a few hours of playing Champ Man, Kick Off, Football Manager, the Fifa series and Pro Evo…as well as innumerable football manager games on the Spectrum (remember Tracksuit Manager?)…and Subbuteo, which I still think is a great football game!

These games have played their part in shaping what has become Counter Attack! I particularly enjoy watching the shapes teams take in real life, studying the tactics and countermeasures teams employ to thwart their opponent. I wanted to develop a football board game that gave the manager the ability to make those strategic choices, and I hope you’ll agree that’s what Counter Attack does 🙂

Counter Attack – The Football Boardgame Versions 1&2 (2019-2020) featured original graphics and illustration created by Rachel Codd

The game box contains everything you need to play Counter Attack

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