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Counter Attack

Counter Attack


Which of you is the greatest football manager? It’s time to put it to the test with Counter Attack: the football board game. Draft a squad- line them up – play every move on the park!

This 90-minute game of football tactics and strategy will test your football skills to the max.

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Take on a friend across the table to discover which of you is the greatest football manager. In Counter Attack you and your opponent play all of the moves on the pitch: pass, run, tackle, dribble, shoot and more! Draft a squad of players – each of whom is unique – and then try to make the most of them over the 90-minute match.

The Counter Attack game box comes everything you need to play Counter Attack: the football board game. You will be up and playing within 10 minutes of opening up the box.

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The box contains everything you need to play Counter Attack:

  • 1 game board (the pitch)
  • 2 sets of teams (‘white with red stripe’ and ‘black and white stripes’)
  • 46 player cards
  • 4 referee cards
  • 1 player card box
  • 2 ball counters
  • 4 yellow cards
  • 4 red cards
  • 4 injury tokens
  • 2 distance sticks
  • 2 12-sided dice
  • 2 sand timers
  • 1 rule book (v1.3)

…all of this beautifully boxed and packaged!

Rules/Reglas/Regelheft/Regles: flags

You can expand your game with extra player cards and extra team counters

Please note that customers can only order one copy of Counter Attack at a time. If you’d like to order more than one, please contact us.

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Weight 1.38 kg
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 5 cm

76 reviews for Counter Attack

  1. Marty Neill

    Brilliantly designed and produced we’ve had an absolutely amazing time playing tournaments against each other over the past few weeks, the game really draws you in and requires your full attention and forward thinking to beat your opponents.

    The game is so well thought out that tactical approaches really work, playing like a Klopp team for example is entirely possible! High line, heavy metal attack.

    We’ll definitely be collecting all of the player tokens too as well as the additional player cards, they’re lovely!

    Highly recommended for the football fan in your life or for anyone who loves a great strategy game.

  2. Wladi

    Counter Attack is brilliant! I’m very excited about this board game! Colin and Rachel you’re doing a great job!

  3. Poliakoff

    Juego muy adictivo. Muy recomendable. Si alguno quiere jugar por tabletopia online que me mande privado

  4. Tryfon (verified owner)

    Very good game, I love it already.

    Most of all I loved the customer’s support. Even when the game arrived with damaged package and parts (postal office’s fault), they did everything to send me a new one and help me solve the problem that wasn’t their fault. Quick answers and questioning if I needed anything else.

  5. Dr_Flem (verified owner)

    Plays fast and simulates well a football match. Recommended.

  6. Luigi (verified owner)

    Il gioco del calcio più bello dopo il calcio. Pesca le carte giocatori, schiera la squadra e sfida gli amici a 90 minuti di fuoco.
    Per chi volesse giocare online c’è una super community (parlante per la maggior parte in inglese) su Discord, con tornei ufficiali aperti a tutti.

  7. Liam

    In a market over saturated with less than average football themed board games, Counter attack stands out as a gold standard game. It has perfectly captured the quick nature of football with a great movement system, an aesthetically pleasing board design and a great player base to build your teams in the initial starter pack. My favourite game of 2021 and flat out my favourite football game.

    Football board games are normally average and deeply flawed. Counter attack is the exception to this

  8. Anthony Attard

    One of the most realistic football board games out there. Immersive gameplay, where every move counts. Highly recommended for hours of non stop fun!

    I would also add that the developers are constantly improving and adding items that help with the dynamics of the game and keeping counter attack as an ever evolving game!

    Get your copy now!

  9. Howard Graham (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it! The game is adsorbing and is probably as close as you’ll get to the real thing. Been playing it with some friends now for a while and has been really nice collecting the teams 81 so far! The rules take a bit of learning and once you get playing it soon flows. I also Like the way some wargaming rules have been introduced, like measuring the movement phase etc. In normal reviews it customary to leave a but! I can’t actually find one, it’s that good!

  10. Mike Pemberton (verified owner)

    Recently bought this game + extra teams, I love it. Realistic tactics and plays, a game of football chess. I would recommend to anyone, you guys should be proud of what you have achieved, best soccer board game by a country mile. The work you have put into this game is fantastic, keep up up the great work.

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