Counter Attack game box
Counter Attack
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Counter Attack

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Which of you is the greatest football manager? It’s time to put it to the test with Counter Attack: the football board game. Draft a squad- line them up – play every move on the park!

This 90-minute game of football tactics and strategy will test your football skills to the max.

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(76 customer reviews)

Take on a friend across the table to discover which of you is the greatest football manager. In Counter Attack you and your opponent play all of the moves on the pitch: pass, run, tackle, dribble, shoot and more! Draft a squad of players – each of whom is unique – and then try to make the most of them over the 90-minute match.

The Counter Attack game box comes everything you need to play Counter Attack: the football board game. You will be up and playing within 10 minutes of opening up the box.

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The box contains everything you need to play Counter Attack:

  • 1 game board (the pitch)
  • 2 sets of teams (‘white with red stripe’ and ‘black and white stripes’)
  • 46 player cards
  • 4 referee cards
  • 1 player card box
  • 2 ball counters
  • 4 yellow cards
  • 4 red cards
  • 4 injury tokens
  • 2 distance sticks
  • 2 12-sided dice
  • 2 sand timers
  • 1 rule book (v1.3)

…all of this beautifully boxed and packaged!

Rules/Reglas/Regelheft/Regles: flags

You can expand your game with extra player cards and extra team counters

Please note that customers can only order one copy of Counter Attack at a time. If you’d like to order more than one, please contact us.

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Dimensions 27 × 27 × 5 cm

76 reviews for Counter Attack

  1. Matthieu ROCQ (verified owner)

    This game was so amazing on the beginning, but now with the help of the community, this game is a must have for the lover of great football!

  2. Tom Lemmens

    If you like football, strategy and board games, this is the game you have to have. It grabs you after you play it for the first time and it doesn’t let go anymore. You decide every move on the field and the strategy behind it. So it’s totally up to you how you try to defeat your opponent. Every game is different because of the draft of the players before you start the match. Definitely a must have for football fans!

  3. Matt

    Brilliant brilliant brilliant, especially with the new rule updates. A game that makes you want to keep coming back. Incorporates most elements of the real thing and the variety of players allows for numerous tactics.

    Random drawing of players means it’s anybody’s game!

  4. koripl

    Great game, great elements in the box and fast delivery.

  5. Roddy

    I’m not usually a huge fan of board games but Counter Attack is different – quite simply the best football game I’ve played. For me, it beats Subbuteo as it’s more tactical and it beats computer games as it’s more sociable. Brilliant!

  6. Louis (verified owner)

    Ordered this on a whim and it arrived a couple of days later. Obviously only a novice atm but the level of depth achieved is already astounding. Can’t recommend this any more highly.

  7. Ricardo Lopes (verified owner)

    Loving this game. As soon as I saw an advertisement of counter attack I thought “this looks really cool!”. So I bought and everybody who tries this game thinks the same – it is an awesome game!
    I miss a lot of shots though, so perhaps that can also contribute to the satisfaction of the people who play against me.

  8. Jonathon Symons

    Can’t say enough about how great this game is- I’m quite rubbish at FIFA but find this more my wheelhouse. The drafting of player cards really makes Counter Attack enjoyable from the start- draw a harsh ref or a subpar keeper and you can start thinking strategy right off the top. Strong back 3 with several defensive subs at the ready to provide support? Strong front 3 and pray you can attack your way to a win? It’s got everything you can ask of a football game and Colin and crew really thought it through to make for a realistic experience. The tutorial videos are quite helpful as well- I’d recommend the 45 minute play through to get an idea of how each aspect works. Bonus is the video showing how to grid your game board- a must in my household when my four legged feline friend decides to help out with her own strategic moves mid game.

  9. Sam Gowland (verified owner)

    I grew up playing Subbuteo and Counter Attack shares some similarities with it! Counter Attack is tactical, enjoyable, easy to understand and challenging. I truly hope that this game gains more standing within the football community and that, eventually, more leagues and tournements are set up to take part in. I can’t recommend this game enough!

  10. Ryan wellens (verified owner)

    Brilliant game. Used to have poker nights with friends but now we meet up and play counter attack and even started a little league. Once you grasp the rules, which doesn’t take long (1 friendly game), you will never play another board game again.

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