DEAL: Counter Attack +8 Bundle

Bundle Total£73.00

Belgium and Argentina

£8.00 inc. VAT

Greece and Spain

£8.00 inc. VAT

Ireland and France

£8.00 inc. VAT

Italy and Japan

£8.00 inc. VAT

Netherlands and Brazil

£8.00 inc. VAT

Portugal and Mexico

£8.00 inc. VAT

Scotland and Germany

£8.00 inc. VAT

USA and Nigeria

£8.00 inc. VAT

Player cards set #1

£8.00 inc. VAT

Player cards set #2

£8.00 inc. VAT

Player cards set #3

£8.00 inc. VAT


Run tournaments with your friends with this Counter Attack tournament set!

This bundled deal includes a copy of Counter Attack: the football board game.

Price if bought separately: £83 to 99

Get the board game + 8 extra items of your choosing

Please note that customers can only order one of these items at a time. If you’d like to order more than one, please contact us.

Additional information

Weight 1.80 kg
Dimensions 30 × 36 × 8 cm


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