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Which of you is the greatest football manager? It’s time to put it to the test with Counter Attack: the football board game. Draft a squad- line them up – play every move on the park!

This 90-minute game of football tactics and strategy will test your football skills to the max.

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Take on a friend across the table to discover which of you is the greatest football manager. In Counter Attack you and your opponent play all of the moves on the pitch: pass, run, tackle, dribble, shoot and more! Draft a squad of players – each of whom is unique – and then try to make the most of them over the 90-minute match.

The Counter Attack game box comes everything you need to play Counter Attack: the football board game. You will be up and playing within 10 minutes of opening up the box.

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The box contains everything you need to play Counter Attack:

  • 1 game board (the pitch)
  • 2 sets of teams (‘white with red stripe’ and ‘black and white stripes’)
  • 46 player cards
  • 4 referee cards
  • 1 player card box
  • 2 ball counters
  • 4 yellow cards
  • 4 red cards
  • 4 injury tokens
  • 2 distance sticks
  • 2 12-sided dice
  • 2 sand timers
  • 1 rule book (v1.3)

…all of this beautifully boxed and packaged!

Rules/Reglas/Regelheft/Regles: flags

You can expand your game with extra player cards and extra team counters

Please note that customers can only order one copy of Counter Attack at a time. If you’d like to order more than one, please contact us.

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Dimensions 27 × 27 × 5 cm

76 reviews for Counter Attack

  1. Florin S (verified owner)

    Super game. Works very well with 6 packs of beer and a bunch of friends. “You ll never walk alone” with this game:)!

  2. Ian Witt (verified owner)

    Love this game, my only regret is that I didn’t get it sooner.

  3. Simone

    Finally I got it and I can only say it’s simply the best football board game ever!

    90 min (+ injury time) of pure football. You, tactics and the dice!


  4. Nigel (verified owner)

    Fast delivery as bought for a Christmas present and says everything that’s in the description in a strategic football game for advid football followers.

  5. Mark Rowbottom (verified owner)

    The game is very thorough – but with this comes the problem. Its almost too thorough. The rules booklet is more a small novel than a booklet and takes a huge amount of time to read/understand, not leading to a real pick up and play game. There is a ‘quick version’ – but even this is very intensive and tough to get a handle on. I got this to hopefully play with my son of 14….i struggled to understand it, let alone explain to him, and with games these days all being about fast pace and action, it just isnt of that ilk, however much attention to detail the makers have put into it. I was strung along by the great reviews this game initially had….and maybe through lockdown it would have been better – but i feel this will now be sat in the cupboard gathering dust for years to come. Which is a shame. Oh….and after purchasing the game via the site, i then saw offers on social media offering 20% off on new purchases. Shame this wasnt advertised on the site also. Am sure this will appeal to some….great concept….but….not for me. Sorry.

  6. Vlado (verified owner)

    Great game, quickly delivered!

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