Race For The Title

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Take on your friends and family at the latest football card game: Race For The Title!

Build a squad, grow your club, and win matches so that you reach the 70-point mark first.

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Race For The Title is a deckbuilding football card game for 1-4 players. Every player starts with a weak hand of cards which they attempt to improve upon every round as they accumulate money and play matches against their opponents.

You will look to strengthen your team so to be more successful in matches, but you’ll also need to grow your club’s finances so you can buy new players. It’s a tricky balancing act to achieve and it might be the case that smart decisions only start paying off as the game goes into the late stages.

There are five kinds of cards in the game:

– player cards feature players and you’ll use them in matches against an opponent
– formation cards give your playing skills a permanent boost. Keep them on display at all times
– stadium cards increase the money you make when you play a home match
– action cards allow you to weaken an opponent’s team or, in some cases, gain extra cards for free
– economy cards give you income you can spend in the Marketplace

You’ll only ever have five cards (six/seven if you happen to have a formation/stadium card in play) in play at one time. Your active hand is known as your Line-Up.

To play matches, pick an opponent. Add up your total attacking scores across your Line-Up. Your opponent does the same but adds up their total defence score. Then both managers add a dice roll to your score. Highest combined score wins the match!

The winning team takes three points and moves up the league table. The first team to reach 70 points wins the title!

Race For The Title is made by Webstar Games – the people behind Counter Attack!

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