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If you love the tactical side of football then Counter Attack is the football board game for you. Take on a friend across the table to discover which of you is the greatest football manager. In Counter Attack you and your opponent play all of the moves on the pitch: pass, run, tackle, dribble, shoot and more!

The game is inspired by classic football manager computer games, and infused with the team-building elements of PES and FIFA Soccer.

Draft a squad of players – each of whom is unique – and then try to make the most of them over the 90-minute match.

What’s the greatest thing about Counter Attack? That you get to take on your friends to determine who the real championship manager is!

This set contains everything you need to play Counter Attack.

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The Counter Attack game box comes everything you need to play Counter Attack: the football board game. You will be up and playing within 10 minutes of opening up the box.

Ships worldwide.

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The box contains:

  • 1 game board (the pitch)
  • 2 sets of teams (‘white with red stripe’ and ‘black and white stripes’)
  • 46 player cards
  • 4 referee cards
  • 1 player card box
  • 2 ball counters
  • 4 yellow cards
  • 4 red cards
  • 4 injury tokens
  • 2 distance sticks
  • 2 12-sided dice
  • 2 sand timers
  • 1 rule book (v1.3)

…all of this beautifully boxed and packaged!

Rules/Reglas/Regelheft/Regles: flags

You can expand your game with extra player cards and extra team counters

Please note that customers can only order one copy of Counter Attack at a time. If you’d like to order more than one, please contact us.

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Dimensions 27 × 27 × 5 cm

43 reviews for Counter Attack

  1. Mark

    Love this game. Played the prototype a couple of times and had a lot of fun! It’s very tactical – you’ve got to plan a few moves ahead to beat your opponent.

  2. StephanieD

    If football is your thing…if you love football manager…if you can defend while keeping an eye on attack…then you will love this game!!!!! We had a blast playing this for a few hours. I lost 3-1 and that’s not good. But next time it will be different!

  3. Colin

    In a world of computer generated football games, Counter Attack is a breath of fresh air. A board game that let’s you pit your tactics against an opponent in real time. Win or lose I keep going back to try and perfect my system. This is a game for all football fans of all ages. A truly enjoyable experience.

  4. Lee O’Connor

    Played the prototype and can’t wait to play the real thing. It balances football realism with fun gameplay. Played it against my 9 year old who picked it up quickly. The good news is I won 2-0! Scored one from a corner kick and another with a swift counter attack. My boy came close but found my goalkeeper in good form! The dice rolls add some chance to the game – and a lot of exitement! I’ve played a few football games int he past including Subbuteo – and this is unique. Defeinitely something I’ll be playing against friends, and my son wants revenge!!

  5. HughM

    It’s like Football Manager against a mate. A really good way to pass the evening! I love picking the squad at the start and then trying to work out how to beat my pal. You’ve got to decide how to attack the opposition and how to defend against them at the same time. I managed to isolate his weak fullback a few times before he got wise to it and changed his lineup. In the end I won 3-1 but it was a close thing. Really recommend this game!

  6. David (verified owner)

    Fantastic!!! First game can be slow while learning the rules but once you get going its alot of fun. Must own for a football fan

  7. Richard Fruin

    Was so excited to get this game, l played with my brother against my 9 year old daughter and his 8 year old son to help us all understand the rules. We weren’t disappointed it’s like championship manager meets subbuteo. I’ve never cheered at a die roll so much and that was our keeper making a save. Can’t wait to play this game again. Fun for all the family. Highly recommend.

  8. Matthijs

    What a wonderful game. Made with so much love and eye for detail! Can’t wait until to play more!

  9. Matteo Martino

    If you love board games and football than you must buy this game. It’s a tactical battle and it feels like a real match. May the force be with you…

  10. Andy Hall (verified owner)

    Simply and incredible game to play.
    Football manager meets Subbuteo, its easy to pickup and play and no two games are ever the same.
    Hours of fun and can be customised to suit younger players or add in things for the more advanced players.

  11. Constantin (verified owner)

    Fantastic football simulation board game!
    Very well made, easy to pick up and and all in all great fun!!

    Great job to the creators and looking forward to playing more!

  12. Jens Brandèn (verified owner)

    A brilliant idea and a fantastic game! Thanks Colin and an Rachel!

  13. Michelangelo

    I have been looking for a game of this type for years. Simply the best football strategy board game out there. The rules are developed to create a game that is always stimulating and never boring or repetitive. The author is always looking for refinements. 5 stars well deserved.
    Erano anni che cercavo un gioco di questo tipo. Semplicemente il miglior gioco da tavolo di strategia calcistica che esista. Il regolamento è sviluppato in modo da creare un gioco sempre stimolante e mai noioso o ripetitivo. L’autore è sempre alla ricerca di perfezionamenti. 5 stelle meritatissime

  14. Martyn (verified owner)

    Just played my first few games. The board itself is brilliant quality! The player cards also very good quality! Overall very impressed!
    Rules don’t take long to get used to! Easy to understand. Spend hours playing and not realise the time! Would highly recommend this to anyone who likes football and board games. Perfect combo put together. Credit to Colin for coming up with this great idea!

  15. Sam (verified owner)

    Fantastic game. Easy to learn, hard to master! Ended up buying all the player sets with a few custom teams too as I absolutely love this game and would recommend it to anyone! 😁

  16. Tonia

    I got this game as a Kickstarter for my partner. He loves it so much. He’s since purchased extras such as another board to do a tournament. He tells everyone who will listen how much he loves it. A great purchase for any football lover!

  17. Jacob

    9/10 ! If you ever want to try something new that is football related, and is not a computer game. This game hit the spot! Had lots of fun so far and will have many more hours I am sure!

  18. Daan (verified owner)

    If you like football and playing tactical board games this is the game you want! It’s very eady to learn.


  19. Craig (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic game, spent hours playing it without realising! Excellent build quality, rules and gameplay are really simple to pick up and really satisfying when you put together a well worked attack. Would recommend to anyone who enjoys football and/or strategy board games. Going to purchase more player cards and team counters to add more variety to the games we play. Excellent work Colin and everyone else involved, thank you for creating a masterpiece!

  20. Carlos (verified owner)

    A nice game for everyone who loves football. Almost every detail of a match is covered in the game!!

  21. Sean Elderbrant

    If you love football and enjoy a bit of tactical/strategic thinking, you’ll love this. Like playing Football Manager at the kitchen table. So much fun and no two games are ever the same!

  22. Jacopo (verified owner)

    I bought the game last week and found time playing 2 or 3 games, and had fun in all of them.
    Everything happening on the field feels realistic, and players moves are gorgeous to see if you love a bit of football tactic; if you just want to play a board game, is fantastic too, the strategic part is fundamental.
    Dices are the engine of the game, cannot hide that, but what in football could be predict with perfection? They are always related to player statistics, so could happen that a weak player in heading could win an aerial battle, but it will not happen so often, as it have to be!
    The managerial part is perfect, drafting your own team is fun and challenging, and when you score with a tactic you build for, is amazing!
    Cannot say nothing more than, great job!
    Want to play more games and I will sure I will pick some more stuff, add players, teams and maybe a field to play in more people or even start a tournament!
    P.s: the game is for 2 players, but is great also in more, everyone will have fun, because everyone has a football coach inside his soul!
    Thanks again Colin and his wife for creating something unique!

  23. Nigel (verified owner)

    Excellent game. Everything that happens in a football game can happen on your table. Love playing it so much and have added extra teams and cards so I can run my own tournaments.

  24. GOMES (verified owner)

    very complete football game. and rules evolutive with a great community. very great job by colin.i not like , i love this game.

  25. Martin Reene

    This is a truly amazing game. With a little imagination you can picture your players doing pretty much anything that happens, or has ever happened in a game of football. Goalkeeper errors, slick passing, mazy dribbles and even Ronny Rosenthal misses of open goals! If you are having mates round this is just great fun and even non football fans (like my 10 year old daughter) have enjoyed it. Excellent value for money.

  26. Nick (verified owner)

    Superb game and a must for all fans of tabletop games and football. Smart, tightly designed rules which are easy and intuitive to learn but difficult to master, the holy grail of board game rules! And all the components are extremely high quality, top Mark’s.

  27. PJ Goedhals (verified owner)

    The best sports strategy boardgame on the market!

    If you love soccer/football, then this is the game for you.

    Strategy, squad building, luck, skill – this game has it all.

    Took a little while to get used to the rules but once we’d played the 1st half the game started flowing really well.

    The replayability factor will keep you entertained for years to come.

    I’d highly recommend this game to anyone with an interest in soccer/football.

  28. Andrew (verified owner)

    An excellent strategy game that perfectly captures the feel of a tactical football battle.

    The gameplay mechanics are remarkably simple, leaving managers to focus on their tactics which is where the game really shines.

    The drafting system is an amazing way to keep every game fresh and means that players can’t always stick to the same old tactic, but need to be flexible based on which cards come up.

  29. Dan (verified owner)

    Simply put, it’s the best table top football board game on the market. It’s THE game for football fans that has been crafted by football fans. YOU pick your players based on their attributes, YOU determine what they do on the pitch and when they do it and YOU succeed or fail by those decisions! No one single game is the same and your strategy depends on the players you have, how your opponent plays and the risks you’re willing to take to score a goal. It’s immersive, tactical, easy to pick up (with plenty of scope to master!) and overall a really enjoyable game that is immensely fun to play.

  30. Θωμάς Αντωνάκης (verified owner)

    I bought this game for Xmas of 2019, and it is the only board game I play since. I also bought extra teams for more fantasy and more palyer cards for endless combinations of different squads!

    It’s the fantasy of any football fan! Deciding on the squad, the formation, the tactics, each movement. Every decision matters and that’s what makes it a fantastic Strategy game, within the context of football.

    Playing against friends is more exciting than watching a real game from the stadium.

    The quality of items in the box is fantastic.

  31. Matthieu ROCQ (verified owner)

    This game was so amazing on the beginning, but now with the help of the community, this game is a must have for the lover of great football!

  32. Tom Lemmens

    If you like football, strategy and board games, this is the game you have to have. It grabs you after you play it for the first time and it doesn’t let go anymore. You decide every move on the field and the strategy behind it. So it’s totally up to you how you try to defeat your opponent. Every game is different because of the draft of the players before you start the match. Definitely a must have for football fans!

  33. Matt

    Brilliant brilliant brilliant, especially with the new rule updates. A game that makes you want to keep coming back. Incorporates most elements of the real thing and the variety of players allows for numerous tactics.

    Random drawing of players means it’s anybody’s game!

  34. koripl

    Great game, great elements in the box and fast delivery.

  35. Roddy

    I’m not usually a huge fan of board games but Counter Attack is different – quite simply the best football game I’ve played. For me, it beats Subbuteo as it’s more tactical and it beats computer games as it’s more sociable. Brilliant!

  36. Louis (verified owner)

    Ordered this on a whim and it arrived a couple of days later. Obviously only a novice atm but the level of depth achieved is already astounding. Can’t recommend this any more highly.

  37. Ricardo Lopes (verified owner)

    Loving this game. As soon as I saw an advertisement of counter attack I thought “this looks really cool!”. So I bought and everybody who tries this game thinks the same – it is an awesome game!
    I miss a lot of shots though, so perhaps that can also contribute to the satisfaction of the people who play against me.

  38. Jonathon Symons

    Can’t say enough about how great this game is- I’m quite rubbish at FIFA but find this more my wheelhouse. The drafting of player cards really makes Counter Attack enjoyable from the start- draw a harsh ref or a subpar keeper and you can start thinking strategy right off the top. Strong back 3 with several defensive subs at the ready to provide support? Strong front 3 and pray you can attack your way to a win? It’s got everything you can ask of a football game and Colin and crew really thought it through to make for a realistic experience. The tutorial videos are quite helpful as well- I’d recommend the 45 minute play through to get an idea of how each aspect works. Bonus is the video showing how to grid your game board- a must in my household when my four legged feline friend decides to help out with her own strategic moves mid game.

  39. Sam Gowland (verified owner)

    I grew up playing Subbuteo and Counter Attack shares some similarities with it! Counter Attack is tactical, enjoyable, easy to understand and challenging. I truly hope that this game gains more standing within the football community and that, eventually, more leagues and tournements are set up to take part in. I can’t recommend this game enough!

  40. Ryan wellens (verified owner)

    Brilliant game. Used to have poker nights with friends but now we meet up and play counter attack and even started a little league. Once you grasp the rules, which doesn’t take long (1 friendly game), you will never play another board game again.

  41. Marty Neill

    Brilliantly designed and produced we’ve had an absolutely amazing time playing tournaments against each other over the past few weeks, the game really draws you in and requires your full attention and forward thinking to beat your opponents.

    The game is so well thought out that tactical approaches really work, playing like a Klopp team for example is entirely possible! High line, heavy metal attack.

    We’ll definitely be collecting all of the player tokens too as well as the additional player cards, they’re lovely!

    Highly recommended for the football fan in your life or for anyone who loves a great strategy game.

  42. Wladi

    Counter Attack is brilliant! I’m very excited about this board game! Colin and Rachel you’re doing a great job!

  43. Poliakoff

    Juego muy adictivo. Muy recomendable. Si alguno quiere jugar por tabletopia online que me mande privado

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