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The video goes live!

After some serious hours of preparation and live action filming, the Counter Attack promo video is now available to view!

A cunning substitution

After some extensive play testing in recent days, I’ve made a few adjustments to the rules of the game: The pitch now features a ‘final third’ at each end. When the ball is in one final third, any straggling players at the other end of the park are allowed to push forward in a free […]

Pubs, pints and penalty kicks

Last night I trialled Counter Attack with a group of four friends in a pub in Leith. None of them had played the game before, but they are all football fans and three of them are regular board game players. Over the course of the evening, we played the game a couple of times, scored […]

A big week for the prototype

Scotland’s national football teams have just had a big week. The women’s team qualified for the World Cup, while Alex McLeish’s side were horsed by Belgium (who, admittedly, are very good). McLeish’s side have a chance to redeem themselves on Monday night, but the question haunting us all remains: will Scotland’s football teams have as […]

Forget astroturf, this is the real thing

The new Counter Attack prototype pitch has finally arrived! The pitch has shrunk from A1 to A2, but, crucially, the number of hexes stay the same. The design of the pitch has changed, too: from white outlined hexes and horizontal grass lines, to a pattern reminiscent of a typical football. The verdict? It’s easier to spot the […]

New counters have arrived!

I’ve got a handful of people lined up to trial Counter Attack, so I’ve bought a bunch of new counters – football players! – to accompany their pack. I figured I could paint the plain wood pieces…watch this space!

Tactical advice…please help!

I’ve been writing up some tactical advice to go into the rules booklet for Counter Attack and now I’m seeking some help! The advice I’ve written is below. Whilst I realise you haven’t played the board game, imagine the game mirrors real football: what would you change about these instructions? Counter Attack is a simulation […]

New pitch means new counters

I’ve decided the A1 pitch is just too large. I’m concerned that it’s a fair bit larger than most board games and, indeed, than many tables. With a bit of a play around in Illustrator, I’ve managed to redesign the pitch into A2 format. Crucially I haven’t lost any hexes – the distances have been […]

Another day, another defeat…

This might be my first blog post, but it isn’t the first time I’ve been defeated playing my own game… In the latest humiliation, I somehow managed to squander a 2-0 lead to lose 3-2. My opponent, Graeme (on the left), scored his first goal from inside my area following a swift counter attack, he […]

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