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A cunning substitution

The old board in action.

After some extensive play testing in recent days, I’ve made a few adjustments to the rules of the game:

  • The pitch now features a ‘final third’ at each end. When the ball is in one final third, any straggling players at the other end of the park are allowed to push forward in a free move. This makes it easier to keep the pitch compact, if the manager(s) desire it.
  • A dribbling score of 6 was way too high: players with this stat are almost unplayable. Maybe the final version will feature one 6 skiller – a Messi, if you like – but 5 will otherwise be the peak.
  • In a dice duel, the attacker is no longer given the advantage. From now on a tie leads to a re-roll. Attackers had an unfair advantage.
  • A passing stick will be introduced so it’s easier to quickly measure the distance of a pass.
  • Standard passes are now slightly longer and high passes can travel further than a standard pass. As a result, high balls can be launched into the box from deep.
  • Headers have been altered so defenders stand a better chance of winning them (this is especially important given how it’s now easier to play high passes).
  • Players need a boost of pace. Pace of 3 is too low for a player to have a meaningful impact in a counter attack or in defensive tracking. 4 will become the new slowest pace and 5 will become the norm.

The entire board has been redesigned to now include the rules, which makes them quicker to reference, thus speeding up the game. It also looks snazzier.

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