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Multiplayer Counter Attack!

Can Counter Attack be played by than 2 players at a time? Absolutely! We had a cracking game of 3 vs 2 in an office recently and I’m pleased to say that all co-managers are still on speaking terms. But only just. Hugo (France), Clem (Switzerland) and Piers (England) managed to edge past the all-England […]

Gameplay tips

I’ve developed a video series which gives some advanced tips for Counter Attack players. The videos are short guides to particular situations, covering topics like: closing down space playing crossfield balls planning ahead playing with a big striker Here’s the one from the series; check out the rest on the videos page or on the […]

We made it to the final!

It’s widely recognised among football fans in every corner of the globe that two of the best games of the last few decades have been Inverness wins against Celtic (3-2 AET) and Hearts (2-2: we win on penalties) in semi-finals of the Scottish Cup and Scottish League Cup. There is something special about a semi-final: […]

Now available in Spanish and Italian

Great news: the Counter Attack rule book is now available in Italian and Spanish! Thanks to the support of the brilliant Counter Attack community, these translated rule books are ready for download. You can access these copies – and the English-language rule book – here. What’s more, the rules are currently being translated into French, […]

Another great Counter Attack review!

We were so pleased that the football podcast Half and Half Scarves recently reviewed a prototype of Counter Attack. The verdict? They loved it! Some quotes from the podcast: “highly playable, thoroughly well designed game” “I love how mobile it is; you have to think on your feet” “It’s strategy and problem-solving” “The game allows […]

The origins of the game

On Sunday I was interviewed on the Footy Creators podcast where the host, Mitchell, asked me about the origins of Counter Attack and the mystery of why football scouts never snapped me up… You can listen here:

The prototype has arrived!

The manfacturer has sent us the first of two prototypes we’ll receive during the production process. I opened the box and filmed my reaction in this video below – go have a look! Click on the images below to see them closer up. So, what’s next? We’ll give the manufacturer some feedback on this prototype […]

Passing & Heading in Counter Attack (video)

I’ve been busy producing a video series explaining some of the gameplay in Counter Attack. Here is the latest film: a passing and heading tutorial. Have a watch and let me know what you think in the comments below.  

Production update

There has been a development in the production of the game; here is a quick update. I have just received word from the manufacturer the delivery of Counter Attack to us will not commence until November, meaning it is unlikely you will have the game until December. A main complication is the team counters – […]

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