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World Champion

So you think you’re pretty good at Counter Attack, but are you the actual World Champion?

There can be only one…

The current World Champion is… Brad Brooks

The original World Champion is the game creator, Colin Webster. He slayed all that lay before hium until one fateful day when, while he was looking the other way, someone had the audacity to beat him. Since then there has been a slew of Champions.

How do you become the Champ? Read on!

The World Champion is the Greatest title of them all in the Counter Attack Universe. It provides endless bragging rights for the holder. If you want to become the World Champion you need to beat the World Champion. In order to beat the World Champion, you have to challenge the World Champion, and wait in line.

A WC challenge match is any match played in the Official League and Cup Competitions listed in the Season X Channel groups in Discord Server.  A WC challenge can also be a “friendly match” (outside the above mentioned competitions) but the match should follow the Rules of the Official Season (no injuries/bans or drafting advantages are allowed). World Cup cards can be played if both competitors are OK, and the team selection is random.

The Title exchange/retention is decided at Full time and does not include extra time or Penalties in case of Knockout clashes

The World Champion title changes hands only with a win by the Challenger. 

The World Champion retains the title with a win or draw. 

A list of Challengers will be maintained by the Organizing Committee, and applications are accepted by submitting this form. Each contender can only be once in the List.

It is the Holder’s option what type of match will be their next WC challenge. They could pick the next official competition game or choose to accept the challenge of the first contender from the queue. 

A #1 contender should wait for at most a month for a WC game, it is the Holder’s responsibility to offer the match, (and the contender’s to remind it). If one month passes, the title is forfeited to the #1 contender. 

If you have played a WC challenge (as a #1 contender, not through an official season match) and did not become world champion, you need to wait 30 days from your WC challenge date to submit a new request. If you submit a request before those 30 days are completed, the request will be denied

The ranking of world champions follows the logic of the Teams are sorted by wins in a WC match and then by Days Held.

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