World Champion

So you think you’re pretty good at Counter Attack, but are you the actual World Champion?

There can only be one!

Photo by Fauzan Saari on Unsplash

The World Champion is chosen by the following method:

  • The original World Champion is the game creator, Colin Webster
  • To become World Champion, you need to beat the World Champion
  • A match must last for 90 minutes, and must use the Advanced Rules
  • To retain your title, you have to play at least one Counter Attack match a month on Tabletopia against someone in the Counter Attack Facebook Group.
  • You have to register your monthly game on the Facebook Group
  • If you fail to play your monthly game, the World Champion crown goes back to the previous incumbant

The current World Champion is Thomas Antonakis

History of the World Champion

28 July 2020 – Thomas Antonakis 1 – 0 Adam Gilbert
04 May 2020 – Adam Gilbert 2 – 1 Colin Webster
19 April 2020
– World Champion launched. Colin Webster is the World Champion

Current World Champion results

28 July 2020 Thomas 1 – 0 Adam
27 August 2020 Thomas 2-1 Mark B.
31 August 2020 Thomas 2-0 Fabio B.
8 September 2020 Thomas 1-0 Tom L.