Play online

While Counter Attack was designed to be played face to face, it is possible to play your friends online if you can’t meet up.

The easiest way to play is on TableTopia, the board game simulator site. It’s free to setup a TableTopia account and it’s free to play Counter Attack online!

Click here to go there now.

Tabletopia in action

You can invite your friends to join you, or find opponents on Tabletopia or in our Facebook Group.

This video explains some of the basic controls of Tabletopia:

Another Way

There is another way to play online. Get your paper and scissors out, here comes a crafting tutorial!

Using the things we have listed below, plus a bit of time and patience, you can be ready play in around 1 hour.

You will both need:

  • A copy of Counter Attack game
  • The same Counter Attack player cards
  • A computer, tablet or phone with a good internet connection
  • Skype, FaceTime or similar

To play online you’ll need to create a grid referencing system. Depending on what you have to hand, there are 2 options for this:

  1. You can use strips of paper
  2. You can use an A2 sheet of acetate (clear plastic) and a fine tipped marker pen. NB. we bought acetate sheets from eBay but if you aren’t able to do this, you could use the plastic in a picture frame instead. (just make sure you the owner ask first!)

Since you will be playing in real-time, your internet connection and software (Skype etc) will allow you to see and hear each other’s moves. Most importantly, they also allow you to celebrate the goals you score!

computer screen

When your opponent moves a player (or makes a pass or shot), they need to tell you which player is moving, and to where. The grid reference system will make this quicker, easier and much more accurate.

Option 1 – paper strips

Use the long edge of the pitch (the ‘touchline’) as the basis of the system. Take a look and you will see that the hexes run directly from one touchline to the other. See the video below to see how the reference system works when using a strip of paper.

Important! Make sure the pitch is orientated so the dark green hex is in the corner of the penalty box closest to you.

Make sure this dark green hex in the corner of the penalty area is closest to the grid reference system.

With the pitch facing this way, mark grid reference A in the bottom left corner (on the half-hex at the corner flag). Continue marking each hex with the next letter of the alphabet but stop at T on the half-way line.

Moving from left to right, reference T is exactly in the centre of the pitch

Now start the grid reference system from the other corner arc (on your right-hand side) with reference AA. Moving from right to left, continue double alphabetising (AA, BB, CC, DD, etc) each row of hexes until you get to SS next to the half-way line.


Good news! You have finished most of the work!

Now you need a numbering axis so you know exactly which hex in each line is being referred to. Using another strip of paper, mark out the lines between hexes running across the pitch, from touchline to touchline. Starting closest to you, number the hexes 1-25. Your grid referencing system is now complete, so switch on your Skype, your FaceTime or your Zoom and get ready to talk each other through your play-by-play match!

In the example below, Ajax number 3 is on reference M6.



Option 2: acetate/plastic sheet

While the strips of paper method works well, it is possible to easily create a more sophisticated system. All you need is an A2 sheet of acetate, (we bought ours here), and a fine marker pen that will not smudge on plastic.

Lay the plastic sheet over the pitch and use your pen to mark the position of each corner flag.

The grid reference system is the same as we described in Option 1. Mark out the grid reference point for every dark hex on the pitch. There is no need to give a reference point to every single hex.

IMG_6330 2
Notice how we’ve marked the position of the corner of the pitch, so if the sheet slips we can esily realign the grid.

That’s it! You are now ready to play Counter Attack online!!

Looking for someone to play with?

Why not ask in the Counter Attack forums or in the Counter Attack Facebook group for an online opponent?