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The Counter Attack universe contains 196 players and 4 referees. Let’s meet some of the personalities you might meet.

Blessed with explosive pace, excellent dribbling skills and a great ability to cross the ball, Ruiz has everything you need in a winger. Some managers prefer to play the Argentine through the middle of a forward line, but Ruiz’s shooting skills might sometimes be lacking for that to be a long-term option. Opposition defenders often resort to trying to kick Ruiz off the field.



Every forward line needs a Barisic to lead it. The feared Croat can score from long range and short range, and is also blessed with silky dribbling skills to boot.





Talk about versatility: this Belgian ace is comfortable anywhere in the back four and even in midfield. Tough to barge off the ball, even better at winning it back, managers should break the bank to get Willems in their team.






Quick and deadly in front of goal, McNulty is an asset in anyone’s forward line. But can McNulty be trusted to stay fit for 90 minutes?






Looking for a dependable all-rounder? Gilbert is for you! Decent at everything, Gilbert can be relied upon in every situation.





With a shooting of 6, Rusu is a much-cherished striker. Goals fly in from all over the park when Rusu is around. Getting up an down the park is another issue for the Romanian, but this striker is worth the wait!





This no-nonsense Czech defender should be a first choice in any back line. Attackers struggle to get around or get away from this giant. What’s more, Vrabec is an excellent weapon at an attacking corner kick. A must-have.





Er…Yugar is a great character in the dressing room.






For some managers, Delgado is a fullback, for others an accomplished midfielder. Wherever you play the Spaniard, expect an all-action performance. Just don’t expert Delgado to score many goals.





Firrell isn’t the greatest shot-stopper but the goalkeeper makes up for that by with an ability to gather any high ball that comes into the box. Also quick off the goal line, the Aussie can be deployed as a sweeper keeper.






Forget about intricate passing play in the final third when Pavlovic is about: just stick some high balls into the box and let the Serb do the rest! Defenders can’t cope when Pav is flying through the air.





Some say Terto has it all: pace, dribbling, shooting, crossing, and even decent in the air. This South American ace holds a special place in many managers’ eye. Break the bank if Terto is ever up for grabs.






Another gem from South America, Baez is quite possibly the greatest player in the game! Whether in midfield or attack, Baez will perform for you. Leave it to opposition managers to worry about how to stop Baez.






Bamba possesses invaluable versatility and an excellent turn of pace. With attributes like these, it’s no wonder Bamba makes everyone’s starting XI when the Ivorian appears in the draft.






One of the top goalkeepers in the game, Aziz is incredibly difficult to beat. Not only can Aziz thwart most stops, the Egyptian commands the penalty area better than anyone else in living memory.





That’s a taster of some of the top talents in Counter Attack! Who will star for you?


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