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Every player card in Counter Attack is unique. They don’t have recommended positions. Play them wherever suits the way you want to play the game.

As the manager, you need to decide where to play your players on the pitch. Fast players with high dribbling can make super wingers, while tough tackling players with high heading are certain to feature in defence…but it’s up to you with Counter Attack: play them wherever suits your strategy.

But remember: having good players alone will not be enough: it’s the decisions YOU take over the course of a match that will put you in a winning position!

Key moments in the game are decided by a combination of a dice roll and player attributes. In this example here, Ruiz has the ball and Iwu has come in for a tackle. Ruiz has a dribbling attribute of 5 and Iwu has a tackling attribute of 3.

Add a dice roll to each player’s score; whoever has the highest overall score wins the duel! In this case it’s Ruiz, so Ruiz can move around Iwu and take a step closer to goal…

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