Tackle and steal timing

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    Simon Mitton

    This is probably a very basic question but I’ve only played 45 minutes… it’s a question about the timing of attempted tackles.

    If as a defender I move, say, the second of my five players into an adjacent hex to the opponent on the ball, do I have to declare and attempt the tackle roll immediately? Or can I move all five of my players into position first, and then come back to attempt the tackle with the second player I moved?

    Then, assuming the tackle attempt fails, the attacker can move to any hex adjacent to the tackler. Then at the end of the defending movement phase, the attacker can move two more players. If the player on the ball is one of the players I want to move at this point, does the defender get to attempt a steal roll because the ball carrier is in their zone of influence? I’m guessing not, that only applies when entering, not leaving, the zone of influence?

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    About the tackle I believe you need to do it immediately after the move. I’m not as good as I should be in english, but I think they say it right away in second sentence of the page about tackles (‘moves within’ tense).

    To the second question – I believe if you’ve made a switch after failed tackle and didn’t land into other defender zone of influence and you don’t want to move into another hex into tackling defender zone of influence, then you’re free to go without any possibility to get the ball stolen.

    Rules say about stealing only when running into the zone of influence, but if taking into account phrase about only one possible steal, then steal can be done in any of your moves into (that hex as a destination, not a start point) zone of influence hexes.

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    Colin Webster

    Youe defender has to immediately attempt the tackle. Same goes for snapshots when you dribble into the area.

    As for that second question, if the attacker moves into your zone of influence then you get a chance to steal the ball. See the example below. Red 4 moves to White 8 and fails to win a tackle. If white 8 moves to the space marked by an X, Red 6 gets a chance to steal the ball. But Red6 might prefer to make a proper tackle, if the defening team still has moves. You cannot try a steal AND a tackle.
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    Simon Mitton

    Thanks both! So as I understand, the tackle has to be immediate, but if not successful it doesn’t end the defending team’s movement phase, and moving away from the failed tackler can’t also trigger a steal in the same phase. Thanks for clearing that up! (there’s more of these to come, I’m afraid, but loving the game so far!)

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