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    Scenario: My LB, Ekstrom, successfully evaded a challenge, a second came in from another defender who as defending player still had enough moves and players close enough. This time, he rolled a one for a foul. After rolling for bookings and injuries, I chose to play advantage.

    What is the rule here in terms of the next phase? He still had one more player close enough to make a tackle, and enough moves left in his phase of five, so we took advantage to be the phase continuing, but this allowed him to come in and this time won the tackle with a third player. This meant that even though my player had been fouled, I still lost the ball to the next tackle because I played advantage.

    I suppose technically in a real game, the referee would have called it back for the foul as there clearly wasn’t sufficient advantage to the attacker. So, following my decision to play on, should we have started a new phase so I could have kept dribbling/played a pass/etc, or were we right to continue the current movement phase to allow his third tackle attempt?

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    An addition to the discussion we had about this was that in a real game, if there was a second defender close enough to tackle after the initial foul, the referee would consider it to be no advantage and bring play back for the free-kick.

    Therefore, we were thinking if there were defenders still close enough to tackle, it had to be a free-kick rather than being able to choose to play on.

    That would start a new phase, but it doesn’t solve the problem of what to do if there is no other defender close enough to tackle (and so the attacker might prefer to play on) but it is still the defending player’s movement phase, does this carry on, or does taking advantage from a foul end that phase there and then and a new one begin?

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    Colin Webster

    It’s a tricky one. I’d advocate involking the referee rule: If there is a dispute about an interpretation of a rule, roll the dice and compare to the ref’s leniency. If the dice roll is equal to or higher than leniency, the attacker gets the call. Defender gets it otherwise.

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    Hi Colin, not sure what you mean. Maybe My wording was a bit muddled.

    Basically boils down to, if an attacker chooses to play on after a foul does this start a new phase or does the defender continue with the rest of their five moves?

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    For your second question Frankie, I believe defender still has moves to be done. Why there should be a change?
    For the first one it depends solely on you I think. You can overlook the situation and make a decision. But also what about possibility to get back to the faul if the next tackle would be equal to losing a possesion? Some kind of a home rule right here.

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    Hi Koripl,

    The reason I thought there should be a change (not even sure if it’s a change, just clarifying), is that an attacker choosing to play on is the equivalent of the referee waving advantage in real life.

    Therefore, the attacker would be getting to play on, and so starting a new phase would be fair? If another defender is able to get in after the ‘play on’ call and make another challenge, surely there is no advantage to playing on

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