Is Long ball overpowered?

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    Colin Webster

    A Counter Attack player was in touch to say he thinks the long ball move is overpowered and has made a house rule which states you cannot long ball from one final third to another. The long ball can only travel to an adjacent third.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, because I’m a bit on the fence. I can see the argument in favour of it being overpowered, but I also like the idea of playing a pass to anywhere on the pitch.

    I wonder if a compromise is to allow long balls to the other final third, but they cannot land within 7 hexes of one of your players.

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    I can see the argument for creating some further rules for a Long Ball from one Final Third to the other, as that is a long pass in a real game, and to be able to ping it exactly where you want every time does lead to a lot of fast counters into space. This topic makes me think about trying a house rule; adding an additional accuracy roll to make a long pass from one final third to the other, similar to the High Pass.

    For example, 1-2 would land directly at the nearest Defender (similar to a misplaced High Pass), 3-4 lands into open space, but must be 7 or 8 spaces away from your nearest player instead of 6 (a pass went a little long or a little further aside than planned), and 5-6 would be the exact placement you originally sent the Long Ball to (allowing a 6 Pace player to run onto it in one Movement Phase).

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    Mike Parnaby

    I prefer the landing further away from the player better

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    I like this option. It allows for your long ball being accurate but also realism where a ball is overhit out of play or just not near it’s intended target.

    Maybe the high pass attribute should come into it somehow as well, as if you are poor with those type of passes you are more likely to misplace it, but it means those who have it as a strength will still be able to play a decent long ball.

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    According to the talk about long ball being overpowered I got this situation during my game today:

    Being still able to move 1 yellow player (but not no. 2, 3 and 4), I was almost sure that my opponent would try long ball to Barca no. 11 (Ruiz, 6-pacer, 5 shooting), cause the guy with the ball was terrible shooter. Knowing that none of my defenders near #11 would not be able to stop future shot, I was thinking to move goalkeeper to the right to close some space to which long ball could be played to, but then I started to think… how could I do this?

    There is no possibility to intercept long ball – was thinking about throwing 6 as with standard pass, but risking bad GK placing for just 6, when he can catch? Changing the pass to cross could be dangerous and make possibility to play high ball wherever we want from wherever we was in case of GK being close enough to the targeted hex. I was really determined to stop that shot and was thinking that goalkeeper would for sure try to do something about that in reality, but right there it simply wasn’t possible.

    Ok, you can tell me that potential positioning of my GK, if moved to the right would be realistic, but what if the ball would be played from some place on the right from my np. 7 (bottom right corner)?

    As a solution was thinking about excluding space around 1 hex from any opponent player (its zone of influence) from being targeted as a long ball destination. Colin suggested 3 hexes to be added to defenders free move when long ball being played, but what about extra 2 hexes when snapshot would be the next action? 5 hexes of free movement in a row seems to much for me.

    What are your thoughts?

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    <picture can be seen, click with right mouse button and show image>

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