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    I’m toying with the idea of a house rule for a well placed Cantona style dink over the keeper.

    The rule would be as follows:
    When attempting a shot on goal the player can call for a chip shot – an attempt to leave the keeper stranded as the ball sails over their head and into the net.

    To attempt a chip shot, the goalkeeper must be at least 2 full hex’s off of their line and the shot must be within shooting distance on the distance stick.

    To successfully complete a chip shot, the player needs to roll a combined score of 11 or more (attribute rating for shooting and dice roll). The keeper doesn’t roll against this attempt. It effectively means only those with a 5 or 6 shooting rating (those with real finishing ability) can attempt this audacious skill.

    Chip shots outside of the box and Chip shots taken during a movement phase (snapshot) incur the same -1 dice penalty as a standard shot and defenders can still attempt to deflect as per standard rules.

    An unsuccessful attempt at a chip shot is caught by the keeper who regains possession. for his team and play continues.

    What do you think? anything you would add?

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    Colin Webster

    love it.
    Would create real dilemmas for GKs rushing out.

    Not sure about defenders blocking, though, unless they were really close to where the ball was struck.

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    Simon Mitton

    +1 for the chip from me! I feel like defender deflection opportunity would have to be right in front – maybe the adjacent hexes directly in front of the striker only?

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