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    I’ve trouble with the first time pass

    Can anyone explain step by step how it works please

    What I get is: I make the pass and after both team can move 1 player for 1 hex. But in that case how the defender could intercept the ball?

    And can I make a standard pass to a teammate if is within the first time pass range (to close or is that ok?)

    Thank you!

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    I understood it like that:
    – Accurate standard pass
    – Declaration of making first time pass to particular spot
    – Move by one hex by attacker
    – Move by one hex by defender
    – Checking if the ball comes through any defender’s zone of influence
    => if yes roll the dice for interception
    => if no, do the movement phase with the ball in the spot chosen in point 2.

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    And yes. You can make a standard pass to the distance of first time. Distance stick is only showing maximal distance of particular action. So, as I asked Colin once, you can even make a high pass of 1 hex of distance.

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    So the short pass can be made in an empty spot?

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    First time pass can be made to an empty spot yes.

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