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The football board game

Calling all football managers!

Take on your friends at the kitchen table in Counter Attack: the 90-minute game of football tactics and strategy. This is the football board game you have been waiting for.

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Pick your players…

Football board game

Every player in Counter Attack is unique. How you use them in the game is up to you!

Play every move…

Counter Attack: football strategy board game

Everything you can do in football you can do in Counter Attack: pass, tackle, dribble, shoot, save and more!

Win the game!

Have fun playing this new football board game!

Will you outwit your friends over 90 minutes? Of course you will!


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The football board game

If you have ever loved playing Football Manager, played with the tactics settings in FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer, flicked Subbuteo players across the pitch or screamed at your club’s manager for playing a back 3, then Counter Attack is the football board game for you!

All you need is a friend or two, a love for football tactics and a good table. Beer and snacks are optional!

This is a game that is easy to learn but hard to master. The level of tactical depth is really impressive. Games are injected with real drama and nothing beats a successful dice roll resulting in a goal-saving tackle or the ball nestling in the back of your opponents net!

The Tartan Scarf

Counter Attack is hex-based and strategic, but it’s also incredibly fluid like real football. It challenges you to think both short- and longterm as you try to get individual players – with their own strengths and weaknesses – to effectively play in your tactical framework against an opponent simultaneously executing their own strategies.


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This set contains everything you need to play Counter Attack: the football board game.

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