“It feels like football. Choosing whether to close down space or press your opponent, trying to make runs off the ball with your men and hope you don’t get spotted…I really enjoyed it!” – Mark

“I like the dice duels best – the moments where you challenge for a tackle or deciding whether or not your shot goes into the net.” – Richard

“That was excellent. I love games where players have to respond to emergent behaviour. It’s been playing on my mind since we last played and I can’t wait to play again.” – Jim

Offside ref!
Surely he’s offside?!

“It’s simple but complicated: it took me about 20 minutes to get into the swing of things. There are a lot of moves I just didn’t try this time around, and that shows there is longevity in the game. Nice work!” – Matt

“I’m not happy that I lost 4-1! But it was realistic – I got a man sent off in the first half and you picked me apart after that. I like it, but I want to play again so I don’t end up defeated!” – Roddy

“I don’t like football much but I like playing this!” – Bettie, aged 7

With a mug at every corner, this prototype pitch looks every inch the San Siro 😉
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