Extra Pitch

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Get yourself a second (or third, fourth..) pitch so you can play multiple matches at once!


If you want to play more than one match at a time then you’ll need an extra pitch!

This pitch has the exact same playing surface and high-quality as the one that comes with the box.

Material: 157gsm gloss paper+2.0mm grey board+black paper

Size: 660x505mm (flat)

165×252.5mm (1/6 fold)

Goods are posted with 3 days of order, using the UK’s Royal Mail service. We ship worldwide.

Additional information

Weight 0.78 kg
Dimensions 17 × 26 × 3 cm

5 reviews for Extra Pitch

  1. Kevin John

    An extra pitch is an absolute must if you want to play two games at once! It comes shrink-wrapped and is made to the same high standards of the pitch that comes in the game box. We played a couple of games at the same time in a pub and it was a blast!

  2. PJ Goedhals

    High quality pitch which folds up to be able to fit into the box. Extra pitches are needed for that league you’ll want to start in your basement.

  3. Jacopo

    Everything you need to start your own championship, and playing simultaneously more games!
    The quality of the pitch is amazing, and you will never regret buying a new “arena” for your players!

  4. Θωμάς Αντωνάκης

    A round-robin of 4 teams now takes half the time, as we play two matches simultaneously.. I would love though slightly different design on the board, like a snowy pitch, or something? *pretty please*

  5. Tom Lemmens

    Playing a tournament or league adds even more fun to the game. With an extra pitch, you can invite your friends over and start right away.

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