Counter Attack Mega Bundle

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Ready to go big with Counter Attack? Then you need this Mega Bundle ! Get the Classic Set, 2 extra player packs and 7 extra teams at a discounted price!

The Classic Set already contains 46 player cards and 2 teams, so this Mega Bundle gives you a total of 106 player cards and 9 teams! Now you and your friends will be ready to run your own league.

Which teams do I get?
There are 7 screenprinted teams included in this Mege Bundle: Blues, Reds, Sky Blues, River, Barcelona, Clarets, Dortmund. See the images above to see what they each look like!

What are the player packs?
This Mega Bundle comes with 2 additional player packs, so what are they and how do you choose which to order? There are 5 sets of player cards and each contains 30 unique players. In each set there are a mixture of nationalities and abilities – no one set is superior to any other. Each set does contain a superstar or two, though! We’ll pick two at random for you. You can learn a little more about player packs here.

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The Mega Bundle contains:

  • Counter Attack Classic Set
  • 2 packs of additional player cards (each pack contains 30 unique players)
  • 7 additional screenprinted teams

The Classic Set contains:

  • 46 unique players
  • 4 referees
  • a pitch
  • 2 teams
  • the rule book (v1.2) and everything else you need to play the game!

With this Mega Bundle you’ll be ready to run your own leagues and cups with your friends.

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