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The football strategy game - Counter Attack

It’s more than a game.

You sit across the table from your opponent, your heart racing as their defender moves in for a tackle. If your striker can evade this then the shot is on. You need just one more attempt on goal…

This is football.

Welcome to Counter Attack.

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We made Counter Attack for the rivalries you’ll have with your friends and family. Together you’ll laugh, you’ll debate, you’ll curse and you’ll cheer!

Football fans finally have a board game.

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Counter Attack is the football strategy board game made for serious football fans. You’ll control every action on the pitch – passes, dribbles, tackles, shots, set pieces, and more. Because every player has a unique set of skills, you’ll need to position them carefully as you build your attacks and mount your defence. Will you look to play long balls behind the opposition? Build up through the midfield? Play a high defensive line and press the play? You can do all this and more in Counter Attack! Get your copy right here.

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