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Counter Attack is being designed by me, Colin Webster. I’m based in Edinburgh, Scotland and my favourite football team is Inverness Caledonian Thistle. We won the Scottish Cup once…

I’ve enjoyed more than a few hours of playing Champ Man, Football Manager, the Fifa series and Pro Evo…as well as innumerable football manager games on the Spectrum (remember Tracksuit Manager?)…and Subbuteo, which I still think is a great football game!

All of the above have played their part in shaping what has becomeĀ Counter Attack! I particularly enjoy watching the shapes teams take in real life, studying the tactics and countermeasures teams employ to thwart their opponent. I wanted to develop a football board game that gave the ‘manager’ the ability to make those strategic choices. The unique player skills further add to the strategic element of the game.

Counter Attack went through a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter between April and May 2019. We raised all of our target within 10 days and eventually hit 213% of our goal! Thanks to that campaign, the game has now been produced and is available for you to buy on this site.