Get your Counter Attack t-shirt!

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With this range of Counter Attack t-shirts and hoodies, now you can look the part while you play the part! We have them in 6 styles and all the sizes. Go check them out here:

Made from 100% organic cotton following the principles of the circular economy, and produced in a factory powered by renewables, this clothing range by Teemill is a parter we are proud to work with.

Updated rule book now available

Counter Attack is lucky enough to have had thousands of hours of gameplay since it officially launched in December 2019. In that time, and thanks to the Counter Attack community, we’ve come to realise a few tweaks were needed to the rules. So we’ve gone ahead and done that.


Some of the updates you’ll find:

  • There is a new system to resolve deflections and dice draws
  • Long passes now require an accuracy test
  • Goalkeepers can now dive at attacker’s feet
  • New positioning rules for free kicks and corner kicks
  • Throw-ins can now be awarded
  • Referees have enhanced powers
  • You can deliberately foul your opponent
  • You can receive straight red cards!

You can download the new rule book right here.

New Counter Attack review (in Dutch)

Counter Attack has been given a warm review by the Dutch board game reviewer, Nox’ Spellenzolder.

The video is in Dutch and has no subtitles…but I can tell you that the reviewer, Bastiaan, told me, “‘m no fan of soccer & the rules seemed a bit fiddly. But after playing it I was happily surprised. The game plays smooth and feels like a real soccer match, positioning your players correctly, using their strengths/weaknesses and shooting at the right moment. A solid game, which really gets the feel of a real football across!”

He gave it a 7 out of 10, and we are pleased with that.

Coronavirus update


Counter Attack is OPEN for business. However, our warehouse is currently closed and unfortunately we cannot access some of our stock. This means that we are currently unable to fulfil any orders that contain the following items:

  • Counter Attack Classic Game
  • Team Counter boxes

We are still accepting online orders for player cards and additional sticker teams (minus the box!)

For those of you in the UK & EU, the Classic Game is available for purchase from If you are looking to place an order from outside Europe, please email us first as we may be able to put you in contact with a different supplier of the game.

As soon as we can access the warehouse, we will be able to fulfil orders containing the Classic Game set and we’d be more than happy to notify you when this happens.

Counter Attack is a home-run business with no employees – we live together and work together. We are in 100% good health and we are following Government guidelines by adhering to the strict isolation rules. We continue to use Royal Mail services; dropping parcels at the local depot 2-3 times each week. No human contact occurs at the depot. For the latest of Royal Mail services please click here.

If you have any questions about orders, delivery or just to say hello – please get in touch and we will do our best to help.

Thank you for understanding. Please stay safe, folks!
Lots of love,
Rachel and Colin.

Play Counter Attack online

Great news: Counter Attack is now available for you to play online against anyone in the world!

We’ve uploaded it to TableTopia – an online board game simulator. The experience of playing Counter Attack is exactly the same as it would be if you were playing the board game: you can pick up pieces, inspect cards, roll the dice and score some great goals!

We recommend you combine TableTopia with Skype or similar so you can chat to your opponent throughout the match.

If you’re looking for an opponent, check out our Facebook Group.

Here’s Counter Attack in action in TableTopia:

Play Counter Attack on TableTopia.

Single-player Counter Attack

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Many times I’ve been asked how to play Counter Attack as a single player game. Here’s how…

Counter Attack is designed to be a sociable experience in which you take on an opponent across the dinner table as you try to outwit them on the football pitch. However, it is possible to play a solo varient of the game.

In a nutshell, you just play the role of both managers. Draft both squads, decide upon the best formation for each team and play every move on the pitch. You may have no-one to ‘outwit’ in a solo game, but you can practice some moves and learn more about the best strategies to employ during a match.

To help bring the solo game to life, we have made a number of downloadable line-ups and strategies for you to pick out and play with. All of the scenarios use only the players found in the Classic Set. Why not spice up your solo games by choosing one of these scenarios?


Listen up: we’ve been on a podcast!

Earlier this week, Rachel and I appeared on the podcast, The Sound of Football. We enjoyed being in conversation with Graham and Terry who asked us about the development of the game, the agonies we endured choosing the right font, and why late-night trips to hardware stores were crucial to the design of the game!

You can listen here:

Image by The Sound of Football Podcast.