Now you can be a player, too!

Do you fancy seeing yourself as a Counter Attack player? What about making an entire team, or an entire league full of players? Now you can with the Counter Attack custom player pack!

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Get this kit and you can edit anyone into your games of Counter Attack. Decide for yourself what your attributes will look like. You can print and write on the cards, or you can edit beforehand in Illustrator or similar graphics software.

You can order this download from the shop, right here.

All the kits in the world

Great news: we have launched 116 new kits for Counter Attack!

Multi-team offer

Click here to access the PDF that shows you all of the teams that are available. You can buy each of the new teams for £6, or make use of our special offer where you get 4 teams for the price of 3. The special offer also comes with a Counter Attack box to store your teams in.

The teams are 100% unofficial.

The original teams provided with Counter Attack are screenprinted, whereas these new teams are provided to you as a set of wooden counters and stickers for you to apply to them.

Last postal dates for Christmas delivery

Here are the dates you should order by if you want to receive your copy of Counter Attack in time for Christmas.

All details have come from the Royal Mail website. Please note we cannot guarantee delivery by a certain date: the Royal Mail is responsible for delivery once we pass your order to them. To be safe, order early.

Last postal dates for UK

Wednesday 18 December: 2nd class
Friday 20 December: 1st class

Last postal dates for the rest of the world

Tuesday 10 December: Cyprus and Malta
Wednesday 11 December: Eastern Europe (except Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia)
Thursday 12 December: Australia, Greece, New Zealand andTurkey
Saturday 14 December: Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Poland, Sweden, USA
Monday 16 December: Austria, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland
Wednesday 18 December: Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg

Multiplayer Counter Attack!


Can Counter Attack be played by than 2 players at a time? Absolutely! We had a cracking game of 3 vs 2 in an office recently and I’m pleased to say that all co-managers are still on speaking terms. But only just.

Hugo (France), Clem (Switzerland) and Piers (England) managed to edge past the all-England duo of Alex and Dave, thanks to some appalling decision-making by Dave in particular. He really couldn’t cope with the pressure brought on by the sand timer.

Here’s what Hugo made of it all:

So this test of a multiplayer format worked well! If you’d rather play two (or more) simultaneous games, you can buy additional pitches and team counters in the shop.

We made it to the final!

It’s widely recognised among football fans in every corner of the globe that two of the best games of the last few decades have been Inverness wins against Celtic (3-2 AET) and Hearts (2-2: we win on penalties) in semi-finals of the Scottish Cup and Scottish League Cup. There is something special about a semi-final: winning it is like winning the cup itself (especially for a wee team like Inverness) because you get another crack at another big day.

Well, Counter Attack just won a semi-final! The Scottish EDGE competition is for Scottish-based young businesses that have a chance to scale up. We submitted our application and video for the competition several weeks ago and we were delighted to hear that we’ve been chosen to progress to the Final stage, alongside 14 other businesses!

Scottish EDGE

This could have a big transformational effect on Counter Attack, possibly accelerating future plans we have in mind for the game. The next stage involves giving a presentation and answering questions set by an expert panel. We’ll let you know how it all goes!

In the meantime, here are links to those big matches. Presumably you have them bookmarked already, though:

Now available in Spanish and Italian

Great news: the Counter Attack rule book is now available in Italian and Spanish! Thanks to the support of the brilliant Counter Attack community, these translated rule books are ready for download. You can access these copies – and the English-language rule book – here.

What’s more, the rules are currently being translated into French, Dutch, Portuguese and German! We hope to make all of these versions available before December. Watch this space for news.

Another great Counter Attack review!

We were so pleased that the football podcast Half and Half Scarves recently reviewed a prototype of Counter Attack. The verdict? They loved it!

Some quotes from the podcast:

“highly playable, thoroughly well designed game”
“I love how mobile it is; you have to think on your feet”
“It’s strategy and problem-solving”
“The game allows you to play how you want to play it”
“It’s fantastic!”

Listen to the whole review here:

Listen to the podcast here