The reviews are coming in…

People have been playing Counter Attack and feeding back their reviews of the game to me. So, what’s the verdict?

Here’s how one father and son combination experienced the game:

Young Logan picked the game up quickly and managed to keep his dad (Stuart) pegged back for good spells of the game! Eventually Stuart broke through and nabbed an equaliser – probably a deserved goal to be fair. While the game can certainly be enjoyed by kids the age of Logan (8), some of the more strategic elements of game are probably better utilised by adults.

On another occasion, here’s how Adam described the game on our Facebook page:

Think you are good at fantasy football but your dreams are broken in one gameweek by a red card, missed penalty or a season ending ACL to your top scorer?

Counter Attack allows you to rely on your own wit and skill. But still breaks your dreams on the roll of a dice when your superstar winger falls over his feet (accompanied by cries of woe) when you roll a 1 which allows your opponent (best mate usually) to take advantage and run the ball up the field scuppering your well laid plan!

As you can tell I really enjoyed playing this game. Applying my mind and tactics on a dining/pub table against my mates is addictive. You play to learn. You play to win. But more importantly you play for the bragging rights!

Next time I play I have my eye on Ruiz who destroyed my defence but I must still hail Rusu! #Rusu9

This is a well thought out and truly enjoyable game which mixes knowledge and skill with that classic board game trait, the roll of a dice. Looking forward to more Counter Attack in my life!

…And finally, here’s what Matthew and Lewis made of it all:

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Unveiling a new video!

With some help from a few friends, my new video masterpiece has finally been published! This video is a little longer than all of my others, coming in just under three minutes. I wanted to make something a little more in-depth than those that have come before it simply because there is a lot to say!

Please have a watch and let me know what you think 🙂

Striving for pass-marks

Prototype feedback has revealed the need to introduce a new attribute to the current range of player abilities: passing. Passing is obviously a key skill in football, so why was it missing until now?

Well, early tests of the game revealed that misplaced passes were simply frustrating – possession changed hands too freely, which led to managers attempting to dribble the ball in every scenario. As a result, 100% passing accuracy was introduced (although defenders can still make interceptions).

But then a new situation arose – the rise of the long ball. It was too easy to slip into 1980s long ball tactics – knock the ball up to a Mark Hateley or Jan Koller type, then flick it on for a speedy sidekick. Realistic up to a point, but too simplistic a representation of how football actually gets played at a professional level when this becomes the primary strategy. So in comes the passing attribute, which gets applied to high passes only. Like with most moves in Counter Attack, the ability is combined with a dice roll to determine the success of the manoeuvre. So, high balls are still possible and still fruitful, just not all of the time.

Here’s how the player cards may end up looking as a result of this change. What do you make of them?


What’s in the kit bag

Right, a big decision has been made in the Counter Attack world: the wee wooden counters have had their day. They will be replaced by cards that can be printed to look like team strips! These natty little numbers will be held in plastic stands, so they will stand tall and proud on the Counter Attack surface.

strips in 3d

I’ve had a bit of fun playing around with potential kits, as you can see above! Pretty much any kit can be replicated and recognised, which I think adds to the authenticity of the game experience. Check out these fellas from the top leagues in Scotland (can you name all the teams?):

The best teams in Scotland?

I don’t yet know what I’ll settle on for the final version of the game, but the potential is there to make replicas of, well, any kit…

English PL teamsIt's the Euro giants

Time for some Design

As the game edges closer to being manufactured, I’ve been working on the artwork of various elements, including the all-important box. After all, we all totally judge a book by its cover. The game needs to stand out from others on the shelves and be instantly recognisable for what it is. So how close have I come to achieving that?

I’ve been testing out four designs this weekend:

The one with the rays is maybe a little crazy. No-one likes it.

I’ve also been working on a new player card design. Here’s the new idea (with the green border) alongside the original design:

I like the splash of colour but I don’t want too much. After all, it’s important that [human] players can quickly read the info on these cards in the midst of a game. The cards are smaller than the average playing card, coming in at 44 x 67 mm, so there isn’t much room for fancypants artwork.

What are your thoughts on these designs? Wide of the mark or on target? Let me know in the comments, or tweet me at @ctrattackgame.