Now available in Spanish and Italian

Great news: the Counter Attack rule book is now available in Italian and Spanish! Thanks to the support of the brilliant Counter Attack community, these translated rule books are ready for download. You can access these copies – and the English-language rule book – here.

What’s more, the rules are currently being translated into French, Dutch, Portuguese and German! We hope to make all of these versions available before December. Watch this space for news.

Another great Counter Attack review!

We were so pleased that the football podcast Half and Half Scarves recently reviewed a prototype of Counter Attack. The verdict? They loved it!

Some quotes from the podcast:

“highly playable, thoroughly well designed game”
“I love how mobile it is; you have to think on your feet”
“It’s strategy and problem-solving”
“The game allows you to play how you want to play it”
“It’s fantastic!”

Listen to the whole review here:

Listen to the podcast here

The prototype has arrived!

The manfacturer has sent us the first of two prototypes we’ll receive during the production process. I opened the box and filmed my reaction in this video below – go have a look!

Click on the images below to see them closer up.

So, what’s next? We’ll give the manufacturer some feedback on this prototype and then they’ll start the mass production process. At some point in the next 4 weeks they’ll send us one copy of the mass production batch for our approval. That will be our last opportunity to change anything about the game.

From what we can see just now, only some minor tweaks need to be made. We are delighted with how it looks and feels!

Production update

There has been a development in the production of the game; here is a quick update.

I have just received word from the manufacturer the delivery of Counter Attack to us will not commence until November, meaning it is unlikely you will have the game until December. A main complication is the team counters – the printing on the wooden counters takes time and the printing plates also need to be produced for each design.

Clearly this is disappointing news, and it isn’t news I wanted to break to you. However, the delays are necessary in order for the game to be as finely polished as it possibly can be. I have complete confidence in the high-quality nature of the work being produced by the game manufacturer.

I am working with the game manufacturer to see if the production time can be reduced, and I will let you know if this is achievable. I apologise for the delay; I know that you are keen to get your hands on the game! (me too!)

Please do let me know if you have any questions or feedback.


Make your own kits!

Fancy making your own concept kits for Counter Attack? I’ve uploaded a file you can edit so you can make some classic kits yourself. Who knows – maybe one day we’ll make your kit!

To download the EPS file, click here. Please share your creations with us on Twitter @ctrattackgame and we’ll show the world 🙂

If you need some graphics editing software, you can’t go wrong with Inkscape. It’s similar to the industry-standard Adobe Illustrator, it’s free, it’s really good and it works on all operating systems.

Here’s a few I’ve made recently – can you guess who they are supposed to be…? Put your answers in the comments below!

concept kits

The Edinburgh Counter Attack League kicks off!

Football fans have been spoiled for choice when it comes to big events this summer: the Women’s World Cup, Copa America, the U21 Tournament…and now the biggest of them all: The Edinburgh Counter Attack League!

Kicking off in Sofi’s Southside Bar last night, 5 heavyweights of the Counter Attack scene drafted their squads and got started with the fixtures. We played four 50-minute matches, scored a few goals, had some drinks and, in some cases, rued cruel dice rolls.

The results of the evening are in:
AETShirts 1
Miller Lite 1

Metal Jim 1
Law Dude XI 0

CA Thistle 1 (Lawal)
Law Dude XI 1 (Mbenga)

Metal Jim 0
AETShirts 0

Not many goals – perhaps a consequence of 50-minute matches – but two of them came in the last minute of their games. Glorious equalisers in both cases! Metal Jim takes an early lead in the league table, but he is wary of those players who have yet to get their campaign started…

We plan to keep the same squads and make this a regular night! If you fancy joining us then let me know so we can add you to the group. Everyone is welcome – you don’t need to know one of the group or have played the game before.

Welcome to the universe!

Counter Attack will feature a total of 200 players. Let’s have a look at some of them…

I collected 150 prototypes from my brilliant local printer and I’ll show some of them off to you in this article. Why only 150? Because these 150 represent the remainder of the cards in the Counter Attack ‘universe’. The other 50 come with the Classic Set (i.e. the base game), and I already have those printed out.

I took the opportunity to test-run a print job of these additional cards in order to spot errors and it turns out I had made a few. Like this one with a missing flag:

card-yun no flag

Also, all of the England and Northern Ireland flags looked crap because they had a thin stroke around the flag. These things have been amended and are now ready to be sent to the manufacturer.

We’ve made a bunch of players from Africa. Here’s a selection:


And here is a random assortment I’ve plucked from the set. Piskov has the best name, surely? Albihn and Meloni are friends of mine who helped playtest the game in the early days, so they made the cut! Argentina is in need of quality players these days in real life, so I hope Meloni can make a difference:

Now to the question on every football fan’s lips: where are the Scottish players? Don’t worry – there are plenty! These players are ready to dominate world football, er just like in real life:


I know I haven’t shown you any real superstars in the photos here – with the notable exception of Piskov – but that’s because you’ll have to discover them for yourselves!A handful of legends come with the Classic Set and there are many more lurking in the additional player packs.

You can purchase additional player packs from our shop, but we are still finalising how that works. Ultimately we will produce 5 sets of 30 cards, so you should never get a duplicate card in your set.

So…once you have yourself a squad of players, where on earth do you play them on the pitch? That’s up to you in Counter Attack! Players do not come with preferred positions – you will need to work out where and how to best utilise everyone in your squad. Position your players to suit your preferred playing style, or to counter your opponent’s strategy.

And finally, does 200 player cards represent the total sum that will ever be made for Counter Attack? That remains to be seen, but I guess there is no good reason why we should stop producing players if the game keeps growing…

Thanks for reading! Please share if you enjoyed this article 🙂