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First pro player for Counter Attack!

Christos Gouvedaris has become the first Counter Attack player to be signed up by a professional club. PAOK, the Greek Super League side, have been so impressed by Christos’s prowess on the Counter Attack board that they want him to represent the club whenever he plays.

Christos had the idea of approaching his favourite team when he first started playing Counter Attack. Professional clubs sponsor players to play in FIFA or PES tournaments, so why not Counter Attack? “I wanted to wait until I had reached a good level at the game and was winning matches before I approached the club”, Christos told me.

He explained to PAOK officials what Counter Attack is and how to play it and they quickly got hooked on the idea. “PAOK have a forward-thinking commercial team so they like to hear about opportunities like these”, said Christos.

Once they made it official with Christos they sent him the latest PAOK shirt and training top, complete with his name on the back. Luckily for Christos, the Classic Set of Counter Attack comes with PAOK counters. Others may call them Juventus, but Christos knows better than that 😉

The game box contains everything you need to play Counter Attack

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  1. Anonymous

    Well done Christos.

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