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Single-player Counter Attack

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Many times I’ve been asked how to play Counter Attack as a single player game. Here’s how…

Counter Attack is designed to be a sociable experience in which you take on an opponent across the dinner table as you try to outwit them on the football pitch. However, it is possible to play a solo varient of the game.

In a nutshell, you just play the role of both managers. Draft both squads, decide upon the best formation for each team and play every move on the pitch. You may have no-one to ‘outwit’ in a solo game, but you can practice some moves and learn more about the best strategies to employ during a match.

To help bring the solo game to life, we have made a number of downloadable line-ups and strategies for you to pick out and play with. All of the scenarios use only the players found in the Classic Set. Why not spice up your solo games by choosing one of these scenarios?



  1. I feel sure there must be ways to create a sort of analogue AI to play against in which the other team’s moves and tactics are determined by a combination of tables of options and dice rolls when it comes to their moves.

  2. Oops – didn’t mean to be Anonymous! Jon

  3. Gavin O'Riley

    Thats really weird i am currently working on the same idea of solitaire play. I am currently 3 quarters through rating the italian serie a sides from 1995. Hoping to play part of both teams in the correct style the then current managers would have adopted. If anyone would like the players stats i would be more then happy to email them into the forum etc

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