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The Edinburgh Counter Attack League kicks off!

Football fans have been spoiled for choice when it comes to big events this summer: the Women’s World Cup, Copa America, the U21 Tournament…and now the biggest of them all: The Edinburgh Counter Attack League!

Kicking off in Sofi’s Southside Bar last night, 5 heavyweights of the Counter Attack scene drafted their squads and got started with the fixtures. We played four 50-minute matches, scored a few goals, had some drinks and, in some cases, rued cruel dice rolls.

The results of the evening are in:
AETShirts 1
Miller Lite 1

Metal Jim 1
Law Dude XI 0

CA Thistle 1 (Lawal)
Law Dude XI 1 (Mbenga)

Metal Jim 0
AETShirts 0

Not many goals – perhaps a consequence of 50-minute matches – but two of them came in the last minute of their games. Glorious equalisers in both cases! Metal Jim takes an early lead in the league table, but he is wary of those players who have yet to get their campaign started…

We plan to keep the same squads and make this a regular night! If you fancy joining us then let me know so we can add you to the group. Everyone is welcome – you don’t need to know one of the group or have played the game before.

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