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Counter Attack is available to buy!

After 8 months of development, Counter Attack is now available to buy! I’m using the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to finance the game. Counter Attack will be available to buy for only the next 32 days…

now on kickstarter

If we manage to hit the funding goal of £7000 in that time period, the money is released to me and I’ll use it to pay a manufactuer to produce the game. Kickstarter is an ‘all or nothing’ platform, meaning everyone gets their money back if we don’t hit the £7000 goal! Let’s not dwell on negatives at this time…

You can access the Kickstarter page here:

Getting everything finished for Kickstarter was quite a stress! Every detail had to be correct, every graphic had to be in place, every video had to be polished… The toughest thing was getting agreement with the manufactuer and working out postage costs to every corner of the world!

Now a nervy wait ensues to see if we hit the goal. It has been humbling to see that, at the time of this post, about 10% of the funding goal has been reached already!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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